Elizabeth and Josh

How We Met: We met through mutual friends on a sort of double date tour of the city she was originally from.



how they asked: [My engagement story] Let’s start off by saying this proposal started to materialize roughly 1 1/2 months prior to the actual proposal when I made reservations at an amazing bed and breakfast just outside Lincoln, Ne. As much as I played this fantastic fairy tale proposal in my head things happened and I got super sick 3 weeks before the reservation. I ended up going to the hospital and was sick for a week and a half. So everything I am about to tell you took place in roughly one week.

The proposal plans took root when I made my girlfriend stay in our room for a few days leading up to the proposal so that I could get all the decorations prepared 1. because she is super sneaky and 2. because she hates surprises. So the weekend of the big proposal comes and I have 3 events lined up, horseback riding, paddle boating, and an Indian dinner at a fancy restaurant. I told her that the day after we were going somewhere and staying the night, but gave her no other details then that. So, when Sunday came (the day of the proposal) I told her that I needed to run away for an hour or so to make sure that everything was setup for a surprise that I had set up for her.


I took off to the location of the proposal and made her wear a blindfold on the way there. It is a big B&B on 100’s of acres of land and a private lake. Prairie Creek Inn b&b in Lincoln, Ne. The proposal would take place inside this huge rustic but updated barn on the property. As we arrived on the property I drove her down this winding gravel road with low hanging trees and a creek on either side of us. She was so confused as we went over the bumps and past the sounds of the trees hugging us on either side. “I just sat there thinking to myself muahahaha she has no idea what’s about to happen”.

I had rented out this huge log cabin on the property also. It was directly adjacent to a lake where after driving a quarter mile of winding road we eventually pulled up it. I stopped the car on the hill in front of the lodge shut off the ignition opened my door and was careful to tell Elizabeth to stay inside the car with the blindfold on till I came around to let her out. I walked around and opened her door. As she crawled out I grabbed her hand and gently pulled her to my side. I said “ok you can remove your blindfold now”.

As she removed the blindfold she grinned from ear to ear and abruptly turned to me and said “I love you” kissing me and then hugging me for what seemed like an hour. The plan was to take her to the log cabin and have her sit out back on the porch while I set up pictures, rose petals, and a video telling her to meet me at the barn inside of the log cabin. Then I would call her when I was at the barn so I had time to set up some last minute decorations.

Mean while, outside the lodge had a carriage waiting for her being pulled by two men. Yes two men! I would have had a horse and carriage to pull her, but the horse could not be prepared in time and so the owner of the property Bruce (he is awesome!) told me with the help of one of his workers, they could pull Elizabeth all the way to the barn. This is like a quarter/half mile walk to the barn from the lodge mind you!


So, as she approached the barn she saw lights that I had sat out to illuminate the path. I used bags with batman cut outs (Batman is Elizabeth’s favorite) and led candles along with solar lights to light the path.


As she approached the barn doors she saw me inside awaiting her arrival with lights stranded across the top railing of the barn, a heart shaped circle of led candles where we would dance within, and a chair with a rectangle bail of hay next to it with a lantern, my favorite picture of us, and a sunflower (Elizabeth’s favorite) adorning the top.




She had a look of excitement and bewilderment as she looked around at all the decorations set forth for her.


I grabbed her hand and lead her away from the buggy toward the heart shaped circle where I had music set up on a Bluetooth speaker system to play 2 songs that explained our relationship and what it meant to me, not to mention OUR song too. We danced to these two songs (something very special as I DON’T DANCE) and immediately after dancing to OUR song(which is “I don’t dance” by Lee Brice). Very fitting right? I then took her over to the seat, got down on one knee, explained how much I love her and popped the question.


The way I wanted the proposal to go was actually very close to what took place and of course the most important part of whole thing……….SHE SAID YES!!!!