Elizabeth and Josh

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How We Met

Josh and I both grew up in the Virginia Beach area and met through my older brother (how cliché)! I always thought he was cute but since he was three years older and my brother’s friend, I didn’t touch that with a ten-foot-pole! I tagged along with my brother and his friends when they all went to visit Josh at James Madison Unversity! Following that weekend, we started talking every day (not exaggerating, it was literally every day*). Two months later, I asked Josh to ‘define the relationship’ – for lack of a better word. And Josh responded by saying, “Oh, I thought we have been dating!” Throughout our relationship, we have concurred countless obstacles. We went to different colleges (I went to Radford University and Josh went to James Madison Univerity), and being at different colleges came with 5 years of long distance. Upon graduation, we moved D.C. and that’s when our two perfect boxers, Boss and Gig, came into our life! After living the D.C. life, we decided to move back home where we were able to build our home in the town we both grew up! That’s where we have been for the past year and a half! *We have talked every single day since that first time I went to visit him at James Madison University, which was in 2009.

how they asked

When Josh and I would talk about our wedding I always told him to make sure my nails were done. The week before he proposed my Mom came by and gave me a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure. She said her boss gave it to her and that I needed to get my nails done that week because the gift certificate expired soon. Josh saw the gift certificate and brought it up during a discussion, I blatantly told him I wasn’t going to get my nails done just because I didn’t think anything of it. Thursday night I was looking at outfits to wear for work and I was saying how I didn’t have anything to wear. Josh casually said, “You should wear a dress, you have a thousand of them.” I took his advice and again, didn’t think anything of it.

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Friday, Josh emailed me during work, “Let me know when you are leaving the office. I want to take off early so we can do stuff!!! But don’t leave too early, because I have some things I need to do before the close of business.” Josh really likes Fridays (he is literally like a kid on Christmas Eve when it’s Fridays), so again I didn’t think that much of it. I told him the time I was planning on getting home. When I pulled into our driveway I didn’t see Josh’s car, and I was confused because he had made such a big deal about the time I was getting home.

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I walked into our home and there was music playing and rose petals leading to our backyard. Josh was kneeling with Boss and Gig on either side of him. Boss had a bow-tie and Gig had a tutu! I walked outside and then stopped really far away from Josh and then he said, ‘No, you have to come closer,” so I did. Then he went on to say, “Will you marry me?” I asked, “Why?” — We both laughed. He answered by saying, “Because it’s a thing that you do!!” Then I answered, “Yes!”

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