Elizabeth and John

How We Met

John and I met in December 2011 at a Christmas party, my college roommate and then-roommate were holding in the apartment we shared. He was the brother of one of her good friends from high school and she knew he was recently single, so she thought we may be a good match. I was in my first year as a new grad nurse working the night shift on a surgical unit, so I didn’t have a lot of time to date. One of the first things that I noticed about him was his great smile. I caught him sneaking glances of me during the night, but he didn’t have the courage to come over and talk to me!

We did both get pulled in to play a game of flip cup and stood next to each other, but we really didn’t talk too much at that point. A week later, he texted me (he got my phone number from his sister). It took a whole month after that before we went on our first date! (and another 3 dates until we shared our first kiss!). When I asked John why it took so long for him to ask me out and to make a move, he said that he didn’t want to mess up his chances with me and wanted to take things slow so I wouldn’t run away!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in San Francisco, CA

Elizabeth De's Proposal in San Francisco, CA

How They Asked

In retrospect, I guess I should have been more suspicious since John was the one who wanted to go to San Francisco and he was the one who was planning the trip. I later found out that he had asked my dad for his blessing a few months beforehand and told him that he was going to propose to me in San Francisco. I had no idea that my parents knew this whole time!

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On the morning of the day of the proposal, John had told me to wear “something nice” because he wanted to take me out to a nice dinner later that evening. I didn’t think too much of it because that morning we were going on the Alcatraz tour and we were even running late due to traffic (we almost missed the ferry!). When we were planning where we wanted to go in San Francisco, I had come across pictures of the Palace of Fine Arts and I kept telling him how beautiful it looked and how it did not look like somewhere in the United States (it looks like Europe!).

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That afternoon, around 5:00 PM, we drove to the Palace of Fine Arts and were taking pictures and just taking in the scenery. We reached the part across the pond where there were actually a few couples taking their engagement photos. I tried to hold my phone up to take a selfie when a female named Catie approached us and offered to take our picture for us with my phone. She let us know that she was a photographer and she offered to take our picture with her SLR camera and she would email the photos to us. She took a few shots and then said: “John, let’s try a romantic pose”. That’s when John got down on one knee!

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Catie then revealed that she was a photographer from Flytographer, a concierge photographer service and that John had arranged for her to be there to capture his surprise proposal! We then took more photos and it turned into a mini engagement shoot session! The whole experience was amazing and now we have gorgeous photos to help us remember that special moment!

Elizabeth De and John's Engagement in San Francisco, CA

Special Thanks

Catherine Leanne
 | Photographer
 | Planning