Elizabeth and Jesse

how we met

Elizabeth and Jesse have a small town love story. They met in Drivers Ed class in high school and became great friends. They eventually dated for a few months and even went to prom together! They spent the entire summer kayaking, driving around, and spending all of their time together! That Fall it was time for Liz to go to college, which was three hours away and Jesse took a traveling job even further away! They decided long-distance would be too hard and went their separate ways. They didn’t see each other for two years but remained good friends.

One day they decided to meet up and go snowboarding in their hometown (just as friends because neither of them thought they still had feelings)

However, when they met up, they both instantly knew that they were not just friends and that they wanted to be together! ( Liz said she knew right then that she was going to eventually marry him.)

Two months later Jesse moved to Morgantown, where Liz was in school at WVU. They dated for another two years.

how they asked

On June 20, 2017, Jesse took Liz for a hike at Blackwater Falls – that summer they planned to go hiking at every state park in WV. Liz was clueless and thought this was just another hike off of their list. Jesse wanted them to take a very specific trail because it had the best overlook. When they got there he asked for her to turn around so he could take a picture of her looking at the scenery surrounding them from the overlook (Liz thought this photo op was very cliche and did not want to pose for it!)

When he finally convinced her to pose for the photo and her back was turned; he got down on one knee. After a minute, she turned back around and saw that he was kneeling. Still clueless and assuming that he was just trying to get a better angle for the photo, she said, “Ok, babe. Let’s go,” and patted him on the shoulder.

Suddenly, she saw the ring, and after a brief moment of confusion, finally realized that he was proposing! Of course, Liz said, “Yes!” And the rest is history!

Liz said that while they were standing there on that beautiful overlook, with the sun shining and the wind blowing, that for a brief moment, she felt like they were the only two people around. (Until the crowd of onlookers began clapping and cheering for them!)

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