Elizabeth and Jeremiah

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How We Met

IT ALL STARTED AT A MODEST MOUSE CONCERT… I had been planning to see Modest Mouse at the First City Music Festival – held in Monterey, CA on August 25th, 2013 – since the show was announced months prior. I brought along my best friend, Sybil, and met up with several of her friends at the show. I had staked out my spot for Sunday night’s headliner while we were casually enjoying the festivities on Saturday. Sunday morning, I laid down my blankets and claimed my area in preparation for Modest Mouse to take the stage…a short 11 hours later. Meanwhile, that same morning, Jeremiah mentioned to a friend and neighbor, JP, that he was interested in going to see the show happening at the nearby Monterey Fairgrounds. It just to happened that JP had an extra ticket.

JP left the ticket under his doormat for Jeremiah to pick up later. Our dear friend, Teresa happened by Jeremiah’s place for a visit and was kind enough to drive him over and drop him off at the fairground’s entrance with plans to meet up with JP and catch the show. Upon entering the fairgrounds, by that time flooded with the festival masses, Jeremiah bumped into another friend and former neighbor, Katie, who informed him that some of her friends were holding a spot near the stage. By a chance coincidence, Katie’s friends were none other than Sybil’s friends. Jeremiah walked up to the group of happy concert goers and was introduced to me by Sybil’s husband – who had worked with him previously. We hit it off and had lots of friendly banter throughout the day and into the evening. He never did make it out into the masses to find his friend JP who had given him the ticket and, that’s how it all started…

how they asked

FAST FORWARD 3 YEARS…TO THE PROPOSAL Life sure has its way of intervening in your plans. Jeremiah and I spent our first three years dating with some incredible highs and some trying lows. Through a full year of tending to Boston’s (Jeremiah’s toy poodle) broken leg and eventual amputation, to my grandmother’s battle with Lou Gehrig’s disease, all of the trials brought us closer and closer together, building an unbreakable duo. It was the week of our third anniversary and, as usual, life was crazy. We were in the middle of a move, trying to finish packing and cleaning our place by the first of September. Our anniversary was on a Thursday (the 25th) and, the week leading up to it was hectic to say the least. On Tuesday night, a tree came down around midnight and took out the power lines at the bottom of our driveway. Not only did we lose power but, PG&E came out with their chainsaws ablaze to cut up and remove said tree. From 12:30am until about 6:30am they sawed away – and all of the neighborhood dogs cheered them on with gusto.

After a sleepless night, knowing we had plans that evening to take my dad to see a Heart concert in San Jose, I called in to work on Wednesday. I slept about 3 hours after the chainsaws stopped and then got up to continue my work packing up the house. Wednesday night, the three of us went to see Cheap Trick, Joan Jett and, Heart at the Shoreline and, it was a really great show! Unfortunately we didn’t make it back home until about midnight the morning of our anniversary. We both got a few hours of sleep and then got up to make our morning commutes to work. The day of our anniversary, Jeremiah surprised me with a huge (and I mean, ginormous!) bouquet of roses and stargazer lilies – delivered to my office. He called me at work and told me – as he had been all week – that he wanted to take me out to a nice anniversary dinner. I resisted, making logical statements about being tired and having so much work to do for the move. He continued to insist and offered the plan that he would make a late reservation so I could take a nap when I got home from work. After a very long day at work, I got home and attempted to lie down for a nap. We had already packed and sent the bed frame off to the new house so, the mattress and box spring were on the floor. My cat, Mister, curled up on my sternum to nap – as is our usual protocol.

With the new bed height, however, Boston decided to join in the nap and hurled his tiny three-legged self into the napping pile. Obviously this gave Mister quite a start. She sprang away from the poodle – digging her claws into my face for leverage. Having had my nap rather rudely interrupted, I decided to get up and get myself ready for this fancy dinner my darling love was so intent on…only to realize that all of my makeup, nice clothes and, shoes were all packed in boxes at the new house. I was feeling a little down and not too pretty after the long week and rough day. Jeremiah told me he was unloading some tools at the new place and he would meet me at home before dinner (little did I know that he was really off asking my grandfather for permission to ask me to marry him). When I came downstairs, he was home. I conveyed my lack of confidence due to my lack of makeup and clothing to wear out to the fancy restaurant he’d picked out. As always, he assured me that I looked beautiful and that we would have a lovely evening. He built me back up and the two of us headed out to Passion Fish in Pacific Grove for what would surely be one of, if not the best, dinner we have ever had. Passion Fish had custom menus with the phrase “Happy 3rd Anniversary” printed at the top and, two glasses of champagne were brought to the table as soon as we were seated. “Compliments of Kevin and Corrie,” noted the waiter. “Gee whiz that was awful nice of them,” I remarked – thinking to myself that Kevin and Corrie (who are personal friends of the restaurant owners) were doing such nice things since Jeremiah had just helped them with their recent cross-country move.

The evening went on and we enjoyed a delicious meal of crab salad, sea scallops and, meyer lemon panna cotta – everything was perfect! As we were leaving the restaurant – Jeremiah requested that we stop by Lover’s Point to take some anniversary photos. Neither one of us is really a “selfie” person and, that results in there not being many photos of us together. We pulled up to Lover’s Point – it was gorgeous. A clear, brisk night, perfectly illuminated by the light of the moon. Sitting in the car,I said to Jeremiah, “it’s cold outside, do we really have to get out of the car?” To which he replied, “Yes, we have to get out of the car. It’ll only take a minute.” We took a couple photos and then he turned to me and said that he wanted to give me my anniversary card. As he was handing it over he pulled it back and said, “Actually, I’m going to read it to you.” Then he begins…”My head is filled with questions and I can assure you, no answer to any one of them has ever brought me one iota of happiness.” At that point, it clicked, I finally figured it out and, I started bawling. For you see, this line is the beginning of a speech from my favorite movie, it goes on to say, “except one. The one. The only question I’ve ever wanted an answer to – is she the one? The answer bloody well isn’t forty-two, it’s yes. Undoubtedly, unequivocally, unabashedly, yes.” He then asked me to make him the happiest man in the universe and marry him, and I said yes. He followed this beautiful proposal – one that i nearly didn’t attend – by showing me videos from all of his immediate family – mom, dad, brothers, sister, sister-in-law, nieces and nephews – all welcoming me into the family. And I cried some more. It was the happiest night of my life.

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