Elizabeth and Jacob

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How We Met

Jake and I met online through the Christian Mingle dating website. I had been paying for the website while Jake was not. I saw his profile photo pop up on my matches so I sent him a ‘smiley’ on the site. He never responded and I never heard anything back. Weeks later I received a random Facebook message saying “I hope you don’t see this as stalking but I have been looking for your Facebook for a couple of weeks and finally found you.” The Facebook message was from Jake who I had sent a ‘smiley’ to weeks before.

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I responded by telling him he was a stalker. From that day forward we never stopped talking. We met in person a few weeks later, I drove by myself to Cleveland from Pittsburgh. (which in hindsight was very stupid) But it truly was love at first sight! Jake and I were inseparable from that point, we did long distance for our entire four-year courtship. We would trade weekends off on who would travel where. Our families integrated perfectly and they have even formed relationships with one another outside of us. This past summer we got married and I moved to Columbus where he has been living for a couple of years.

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how they asked

It was Thanksgiving Day 2016; a few years before that we started a tradition where we had both of our families get together for Thanksgiving. This was the third Thanksgiving we had both families together and it was at my mother’s house in Pittsburgh. The entire day was weird, Jake was asking me at 6 am about my outfit choice for the day (I cook all day long, I am wearing something comfy, not cute) I obviously told him to stop bugging me about something that didn’t matter. Then the day got weirder, Jake’s sister who is one of my best friends wouldn’t talk to me all day long, she was being a standoff and rude.

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My mom started taking drinks away from me and telling me to monitor how much I was drinking (that has never happened ever). Well, the part in the evening where we all get together in the living room to go around and share what we are thankful for had come. My dad had put my brother on Facetime and that seemed normal because he is in the Marine Corp and couldn’t join us for the holidays.

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We went around starting with me….by the time we got to the end, Jake was last to share. I noticed that my brother Dawson and Jake’s sister Cassie had taken out their phones. I was getting really upset because the two of them seriously cannot wait to get on their phones until we are all done talking?? Well then Jake starts saying how thankful he is for me and just in that moment I finally got it… and I literally said: “are you proposing to me right now?” He got down on one knee in front of the family and asked me to marry him!! All the hints throughout the day finally made sense; Cassie and Dawson had gotten my proposal on video on both phones. It was truly a surprise and incredibly special.

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