Elizabeth and Grant

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How We Met

Grant and I first met in Auburn when we both were dating other people. Flash forward to a few years later, and we were being set up to see a Dave Matthews Band Concert by our mutual best friends, Stacy Shockley (MOH) and Parker Cianciola (Groomsman). After the concert we spent Memorial Day weekend at Stacy’s parents lake house, and the rest was history! Our set up was really a payback, as I claim that I set up Stacy and Parker 5 years ago.

After Memorial Day weekend, we had our next official date at a country club in Huntsville. After the server poured our waters she looked at me and said, “What can I get you today, Mrs. Streams?” I turned redder than I ever have before and had butterflies because as embarrassed as I was, I knew that he was someone I wanted to marry even though we had only been together for about a week. Grant sheepishly grinned at my embarrassment, but I think he liked the idea of me being “Mrs. Streams” too.

Although we were long distance for the majority of the first year of our relationship, we spent every free moment together despite the many hours of driving in order to do so. I matched for my first year of pharmacy residency at the University of Virginia Hospital in my hometown, Charlottesville, VA. It didn’t take long for Grant to follow me, and I am eternally grateful for his selfless decision to do so in order for us to be in the same city. Maybe, it was a little easier because UVA’s colors are also orange and blue (like Auburn)! I will be finishing my first year of residency in June and starting my second year in July. Although we are committed to beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia until June of 2017, we hope to move back south in the near future!

how they asked

In May of 2015, we went with my family to Seattle and Alaska. While in Seattle, I expressed interest in riding the Great Wheel at sunset because I thought it would be a great way to see the city skyline (and very romantic). Following dinner one night, Grant and I attempted to sneak off to the ferris wheel, but my parents wanted to come too. While I love exploring new places on our family trips with my family, this was not exactly the ride I had in mind, but it was still a fun evening.

Flash forward to September of 2015, we made plans to meet in Atlanta for Labor Day weekend and the first Auburn football game. I was living in Charlottesville at this point and Grant was still in Huntsville actively searching for jobs in Charlottesville. I had a pretty hard week at work, with the morning I was flying down to Atlanta being particularly stressful (yes, there were lots of tears). Grant picked me up at the airport (after he instructed me to change into something nice in the airport bathroom, easy, right?!) and told me he was taking me on a surprise date since we had not seen each other in 3 weeks and he knew how stressed I had been that week at work. We arrived at the Atlanta Skyview ferris wheel and I immediately forgot about my hard week. He explained that he wanted us to have the experience I imagined on our Seattle trip (sorry mom and dad!) and see the Atlanta skyline at sunset. Little did Grant know that this was Atlanta, and security is a little heavier than free-flowing Seattle, and we had to walk through a metal detecter. Luckily, I was so enthralled with his romantic gesture that I didn’t hear the metal detector beeping when the security officer waived it over the ring box in his coat pocket. He then explained that we would be riding the VIP cart that included champagne (my favorite!). I started to realize he was up to something at this point! After we got on the ferris wheel, Grant began to say very sweet things and got down on one knee! I couldn’t tell you exactly what he said, but I will never forget that incredible feeling. I truly hope that every girl feels the way that Grant makes me feel at some point in their lives. Although I didn’t cry (I had shed a few too many earlier in the week), it really was the most special day of my life thus far.

Little did I know, the surprises didn’t stop there! Grant told me we were going to meet up with our Atlanta friends, but when we got to the bar, my parents, brothers, aunt and her boyfriend, and all of his family were there too! I was so shocked! We had a few celebratory drinks and toasts and then headed to the Capitol Grille (Grant’s favorite) for dinner. It was one of the best steak dinner’s I’ve ever had too! The best part of the night was when Grant announced he had found a job in Charlottesville and would be moving to be with me at the end of the month! I was totally shocked and beyond thankful for this selfless move.

The next day, I woke up, still in a state of pure bliss, to find out that our families and friends were throwing us an engagement tailgate! All I could think was “Wow! We are incredibly blessed to have such amazing friends and family!” There was not much more I could have asked for; the first Saturday of Auburn’s football season, family, friends, and my new fiance were all I needed! Well, maybe I could have asked for an Auburn win. That weekend definitely set the bar high to beat for our wedding weekend this fall!Image 2 of Elizabeth and Grant

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