Elizabeth and Evan

How We Met

Evan and I met 4 years ago at a country concert. He likes to say I “danced into his life”. Our love of life music brought us together and ever since we’ve been concert junkies.

How They Asked

It was our 4 year anniversary and we were in our favorite city, Nashville, to watch one of our favorite country artists perform. He said he set up a special brunch for us since we wouldn’t be able to go to a nice dinner to celebrate our anniversary. As we walked across the pedestrian bridge downtown, we stopped to look at the stadium where the concert would be that night. I was too busy staring at the stadium and trying to find our seats to notice that he had started tearing up. He grabbed both my hands and turned me towards him. Through tears, he told me that he loved and then dropped to one knee. He cried and I cried.

Elizabeth's Proposal in Nashville, TN

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Nashville, TN

Then suddenly two women ran up to us, one with a bottle of champagne screaming “congrats Evan and Liz!” and another with a camera. I had no idea what was going on. Turns out the woman with the champagne was the event planner Evan hired to help him plan and the lady with the camera was the professional photographer he set up as well. I was shocked! but am now eternally grateful for the pictures I have of the best day of my life.

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Special Thanks

Courtney Davidson
 | Photographer
Ashley Bouque
 | Planning