Elizabeth and Emmanuel

Proposal Ideas Blue Ridge mountains

How We Met

EJ and I met on Tinder in Tallahassee, Fl. We were both going to school at Florida State University. He was in his last semester before graduating in August and I was about to be a senior in the Fall. We, as we still are, we’re always busy so we had our first date at Panera on our lunch breaks. I got there before him (as always) and thought I’d be progressive and buy my own lunch! He still to this day talks about how much that threw him off his game. He was very sweet and we agreed to see each other again and 2 years later we’re living together!

How They Asked

We had been planning a vacation over Labor Day weekend for about 6 months and we rented a gorgeous cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. About a week before we left, he suggested we go get pedicures because he had just left the field for his Annual Training with the Florida National Guard. Even with this clever ruse, I was highly suspect and texted my best friend, Taylor, to figure out if she knew anything. She talked me down but I still had my suspicions but we drove up to Georgia, the more and more I thought it wasn’t going to happen. On our second day there EJ suggested we do a quick morning hike and then return to the cabin and make brunch. We go to the start of the Appalachian Trail and start hiking in search of this bridge he wanted to find. We walk for about 2 hours before we find a lovely couple that informs us we’re about 20 miles away from this bridge!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Blue Ridge mountains

At this point, I’m starting to get H-angry and I suggest we find the bridge tomorrow but he was determined to find it that day. So we drive the hour to the other side of this mountain and walk to the bridge. He insists on bringing his bag even though it was a 5 minute walk from where we left the car. We finally get on the bridge and he’s acting super weird. Just staring in the water and making comments about the fish.

Finally, another couple walks up and I ask them to take our photo. Before the very kind man hands our phone back, EJ asks to take one more. Before I can figure out what’s going on, he got down on one knee! I’m pretty sure he was so nervous he didn’t even actually ask or I couldn’t hear him over me saying “are you serious” over and over again! Then we spent the rest of our weekend in engaged bliss! It was perfect.