Elizabeth and Doug

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How We Met

Doug and I met on Halloween weekend (of all weekends!) at a charity function in Manhattan. We were both decked out in our costumes, him as Clark Kent, me as a break dancer (think “Step Up: The Movie” type of get-up). I was walking up to the overly crowded bar and when the person in front of me turned around, I bumped in to the 6 foot football playing stud that I would now call my fiance. From that first encounter, the rest was history.

We started talking and reveled in the fact that we were both huge closet nerds with a deep love and loyalty to our family. After that first meeting, we texted and called each other nonstop. We joked about the unlikely odds of a boy from the ‘burbs (Westchester) meeting a girl born and raised in Brooklyn (“Fugghedaboudit!”). From the first night we met, there were sparks. In fact, I ran home that night and told my best friend “I am pretty sure I just met the guy I am going to marry.” Turns out, Doug had told HIS best friend that same night that he found his future wife. To say it was “love at first sight” would be an understatement!

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how they asked

Throughout our years of dating, Doug and I cultivated a “Dating Bucket List” full of all the dates we wanted to do together. We created and completed over 100 dates on that list! From simple dates like going to a pottery and painting class (clearly, my idea) to more extravagant “dates”, like travelling to Greece (can you say, AMAZING!?), we somehow managed to complete all but one on our list. The one date remaining was a trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to visit the Rose Garden Festival in June. A week prior to the “big day”, Doug secretly took my parents out for lunch and asked for their blessing. True to his thoughtful and loving nature, he then also called my little brothers and asked if he could marry their sister. HEART. MELTING.

On Saturday, June 18th, on a hot and sunny day, Doug and I headed to the garden. As we walked through the garden, I suggested going to the rose garden first but Doug recommended we finish there as it will be the grand finale of our day. As we finally arrived at the rose garden, it seemed as if all the other tourists faded away. Doug stopped in the middle of the garden, surrounded by stunning pink flowers, and reminded me that this was our last date on our list. From there, he said some of the most beautiful, heartfelt, amazing words I have ever heard. Naturally, I started crying tears of joy and was overwhelmed with happiness. I yelled “YES!” and the rest was history.

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Immediately following my big answer, I noticed a photographer snapping photos of us. Turns out, Doug hired a photographer to secretly follow us the entire day and to ultimately capture the big moment! We then had our first engagement shoot right there in the garden. Words can not express how truly perfect the moment was.

Following our engagement shoot, we immediately called all of our family and friends. As we drove back to my house, Doug turned on the music and, lo and behold, he had created a playlist FULL of all of “our songs”. He had literally thought and planned out EVERY single detail of the day. When we arrived home, my family had a gorgeous engagement party planned for us, full of our first engagement gifts, champagne, cheers, and lots of love. The entire day was beyond my wildest expectations and I am still floating on cloud nine from it all!

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