Elizabeth and David

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How We Met

David and I met at my brothers wedding, he was my brothers best-man, I know it’s crazy that I had never met him before, lol. I heard of David hundreds of times. My brother would always tell me, “David is the guy for you sister!” I thought my brother was crazy and never listened to him. Until my brothers wedding day i met him and when I saw him I was immediately attracted to him LOL but I seriously thought i was out of his league. He seemed too much of a nice guy, very shy timid person. While on the other hand I’m a pretty loud, out-going person. When the ceremony ended some of the bridal party were going to ride with him to the reception I asked him if it was okay if i joined too and he smiled and said “Yes, Sure!” As per him he says that when he saw me step foot into the church for the ceremony it was like love at first sight! Lol He states that I looked stunning! So when we arrived to the reception him and I were pretty much hanging out the whole time just enjoying the party. At the reception there was a game we all played that involved guys and girls and the guys had to grab a girl before another guy took her.. and well guess what? David looked for me and grabbed my hand and our fingers fell right into place and we both felt this SPARK like LITERALLY it felt so magical!! (( we didn’t know this happened to both of us until later on, lol)) The night came to and end we had a great time together! Woke up the next morning with a Facebook friend request from David and a message saying “Where is the after party at? Lol and by the way you looked stunning last night” And that’s where our story begins.

how they asked

Weeks before my sister-in-law who is training in photography asked me if she could take pictures of David and I for her pro-folio. I said yes of course! She set a date for her to shoot pictures of David and I. When the day came, my now Fiance, messaged me in the morning saying his dad asked him to go help him out at his job, that his dad needed help. So I got a bit bothered because we already had plans for our photo-shoot and now it had to be cancelled. When I told my sister-in-law she was upset and said we could not cancel on her to please try to make it, she stated that she had a surprise for the both of us. Obviously i was upset at David for doing this but that was their plan to make me upset!! ” NOT COOL!!” LOL Anyways they agreed to meet up at the park and I would ride with my sister-in-law and meet David there. When we arrived we parked by some apartments so I had no clue where we were! When we got down my sister in law blind folded me and I kept questioning her about what the surprise was. I wanted to wait on David I kept telling her. Anyways we walked to where David was and when she was about to take the blind fold off i began to hear music and i immediately Grasp Ahh!! And when she took it off I saw an amazing set up by a waterfall/pond and a path way of lighted up candles and rose pedals with pictures of us hanging from tree to tree and our family holding up signs saying “Will YOU MARRY and i as i walked through that beautiful pathway my eyes got watery I saw David behind the tree with the sign ME? I instantly hugged him!! I could not believe what was going on!! I was speechless! He got on one knee and asked “Will you marry me?” I couldn’t stop the tears and said YES! It was amazing words can not describe how perfect things were! I was so happy to have both of our parents, families and my best friend there to share such a beautiful, magical moment in our life!

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