Elizabeth and Colton

How We Met

Colton and I met in a Texas high school math class. He asked me out for my fifteenth birthday, and we have been together ever since (7 years). We had to be long distance for 4 years because he attends the United States Air Force Academy. We have been through two basic training sessions plus all of the military expectations. There is a club at the Academy called the 2% club for couples that survive, and we have made it through! This is our last year in college, and we can’t wait to finish. It has been a wild ride, but we have come through stronger than before.

how they asked

Colton took me skydiving today, but I did not know we were doing so until we arrived. I will admit I was terrified, but the ending made it all worth it when he got down on his knee. We will be getting married in June of 2019 in Colorado Springs, and we can’t wait! There was crying involved and a magical moment we will never forget. #Stoweinlove

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