Elizabeth and Cody

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how we met

Cody and I met in December 2012 through our two best friends. Our best friends were dating, with three years under their belts already. Together, they both had thought that Cody and I would make a great pair. Sure enough, they were right! On June 10, 2013 Cody and I made our relationship “official.” Since then, we have had our shares of relationship “ups and downs,” but we have always worked through everything, which in turn has made our relationship stronger.

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how they asked

If there was one thing I requested that Cody would do for me regarding his big moment to officially “pop the question,” it was that I told him to completely surprise me. I literally wanted to be wide-eyed and oblivious about our proposal up until the very moment he got down on one knee. Sure enough, that is exactly what he did!

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On July 3, 2016, right after I had just graduated from college in May, Cody and I hosted his 25th birthday party at my family’s home. We invited all our closest friends and family to the party, opened the pool, ordered way more pizza than we could all devour, and extended the invite for everyone to spend the night in tents for a massive backyard campout! Earlier in the morning that day, Cody had pulled my dad aside to speak to him alone. During this time, I was outside trying to set up chairs around the bonfire and do some last-minute yardwork before all the guests would arrive. Cody was so sneaky about it that he even told me that he was inside helping set up the indoor party decorations while I was in the backyard. Little did I know, he was asking my dad for my hand in marriage.

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One of the many qualities about Cody that I simply adore is his genuine, humble attitude. A fine example of his humbleness was the moment that day when my mother had asked me to scoop up the dog poop in the backyard as one of the much-needed chores to do before the party started. Cody (even though it was his birthday) wanted to do the dirty job for me despite the fact we told him he did not have to. I admire his humbleness immensely! After we all had spent a rip-roaring two hours swimming in the pool, we gathered up on the deck to eat dinner and visit with one another. It was still early in the warm, summer evening – around 7PM or so, when Cody had stood up and called for everyone’s attention. When he did, I was just behind the deck near the pool when Cody called me up. Everyone looked at us as we stood near the stairs of the deck. At this point, I thought, “What is he doing? Is he about to introduce a fun game of charades?” Because after all, we were a party-game loving group of people.

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He instead spoke up in front of everyone about how thankful he was that everyone came to the party and that he has been so blessed to have us all in his life. Cody then turned to face me, got down on one knee, opened up a white ring box, and said these words, “Elizabeth… will you marry me?” With hardly any words coming out of my mouth due to the surreal feeling of shock I felt, I held my face, nodded my head and said, “YES!”

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Mission: success! I was beyond surprised and utterly thrilled that he had proposed! That surreal feeling of having everyone around cheering and clapping for us, gave me the biggest feeling of joy I had ever felt. At that moment, Cody held me close in a warm embrace as I slowly began to process what had just happened. The ring on my finger was so beautiful that I could not stop looking at it. One of the best parts of our proposal was that all our closest friends and family had been there to witness this heartfelt moment. I quickly learned in that moment as well that what Cody had wanted for his birthday that year, was for me to become his fiancé!

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