Elizabeth and Christian

How We Met: For Christian’s 25th birthday he decided he wanted to have a nice dinner with both his parents and my parents and sister invited as well. We had reservations at Eddie V’s for 7:00 pm that night and when we arrived everything seemed as usual. Christian wasn’t drinking during the meal, which was odd because he usually has wine with dinner and it was his birthday so I figured he would want to celebrate. He was very quire throughout dinner and left in the middle to go grab a piece of paper he forgot to give to his dad. We finished up the main entrees and the waiter delivered me a card with an “E” on it and a red rose. I assumed that they were confused as to whose birthday it was and tried to give it to Christian. He told me, “No that’s for you.” Nervously, I opened the card and inside it started in his hand writing with “Your probably confused as to why you’re reading this” and ended with “PS I told you I would do it.”

Image 1 of Elizabeth and Christian

I could feel everyone’s phones directed at me and I looked over at Christian to see him down one one knee with a ring box open in his hand! I was so shocked when he said, “Elizabeth Lacey Norton, will you marry me?” and couldn’t even get out the words YES for about 2 minutes… followed by “By its YOUR birthday!”

Image 2 of Elizabeth and Christian

His dad told me Christian had said “proposing was the best birthday present he could give himself.” The tables around us clapped.. we kissed and hugged and the best part was, both of our families were there to celebrate with us. Also, everyone at the table knew, except my mom, and her reaction was just as great as mine!

Image 3 of Elizabeth and Christian