Elizabeth and Chris

How We Met

I met Chris in one of the more the common ways couples meet… at work! A couple of months after we started dating, he took me to my first NFL game — his team, the Washington Redskins. We are both huge football fans, so going to a lot of games became a fall tradition. We even flew to my college homecoming so he could attend my favorite team’s game day too!

how they asked

So when Chris asked if I wanted to go to the last Redskins game of the season this January, I didn’t think twice. He told me he had gotten field passes from his work (he works in sports so that didn’t seem too far-fetched). But as we were wandering around the field, he was on his phone the whole time. I kept saying, “Who are you talking to? Put your phone away and enjoy this!” Little did I know, he was coordinating the best proposal. Soon, two women approached us and asked if we wanted our picture on the sidelines. As I put my arm around him for the photo, he suddenly got down on one knee and pulled out a ring.

Elizabeth's Proposal in FedEx Field

I was completely shocked (you can hear me in the video saying, “Are you serious!?” over and over again). The videographer he coordinated was from Comcast Sports. About thirty minutes after the surprise, the texts came in, “Did you just get engaged on TV?” Even Chris didn’t know our proposal would air during Comcast’s pregame show but it was so fun for our family and friends! Even though the Redskins lost that day, Chris and I definitely won. BEST PROPOSAL EVER!

Our Video

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