Elizabeth and Chad


how they asked: Chad and I are both very family oriented. He always knew that when the time was right for him to get down on one knee, I would want everyone I love to be there for that magical moment in our lives. So when my family was planning a big trip to Maui for my Aunt’s 50th Birthday Extravaganza (Her Hawaii 5-0 as we called it), he thought it was the perfect opportunity. The guest list included my Aunt and Uncle, my two cousins and their significant others, my mom and her fiance, my brother and his girlfriend, and my best friend (now MoH) and her boyfriend. And THEY ALL KNEW!!

The first surprise of the trip: Originally, my brother wasn’t going to be able to make it, but who should sneak up behind us at baggage claim in the Maui Airport… my brother, Rob, and his girlfriend, Madi. Of course my Aunt and Uncle flew them out for my big moment, only I didn’t know there was a big moment yet! Still, it was a huge surprise for my mom. She was completely shocked to turn around and see him standing there with open arms.

Our first afternoon was pretty mellow, spent just enjoying the beautiful weather and sunset. The following day after the beach, we had a reservation at Sorento’s on the Beach, my Aunts favorite restaurant on the island. My best friend, Tabby, and I spent the late afternoon getting ready together, make up, hair, the works. When we arrived at the restaurant, our table was in a special area reserved for parties. I didn’t think twice about it because we had such a large group and the restaurant is relatively small.

Little did I know this was all for me and Chad. We all sat down and ordered drinks and some appetizers. My Aunt says to the group “Lets go outside and get a group photo with the sunset!” There were a few people already out there with the photographer that works at the restaurant occasionally. We all line up and take a few shots. Then she announces, “Ok, now lets do some couples photos. Liz and Chad, you’re up!” We take a couple of photos and I attempt to move to give someone else a turn, but he stops me and starts talking to me…


Do I look surprised yet? :)




Proudest man in the world right here!


Almost 9 years ago, Chad tragically and unexpectedly lost his mother. Unfortunately, I never got meet her in person. His family has the most wonderful things to say about her, and Chad looks just like her. For his parents 20th anniversary, they took a cruise to Alaska. On their big trip, his father bought her a gorgeous anniversary ring. Once I pulled myself together and caught my breath after he popped the question, he told me that the ring he gave me was hers.

I was then hit with an entirely new wave of emotions. Every time I look down at my hand now, I always think of her. Not only is the ring beyond gorgeous, it’s indescribably special to both of us. I am so honored and proud to carry this piece of her close to my heart for the rest of my life. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect proposal from my amazing fiance.