Elizabeth and Camerron

How We Met

We met on Presidents Day in 2017. I was at home recovering from a bachelorette party and had decided to bring a sick friend of mine chicken noodle soup and Gatorade. Camerron had been with the friend all day and was almost home when his family called telling him to come back and meet this girl. Cameron agreed and drove back over….all the while, I had no idea I was meeting a guy so I show up in sweats, a baseball cap, and no makeup! However, the second we walked through the door, we knew we had to know each other better. The next day he DM’d be on Instagram, and we’ve been together ever since!

How They Asked

Her Side: Camerron and I have been dating for over 2 years, so I know him pretty well, so when he started acting all lovey-dovey every day out of nowhere…I knew SOMETHING was up. We were about to join my family on a beach vacation, so I figured it probably would be there since I LOVE the beach. The week leading up to vacation, my friend Lizz asked me if I wanted to go get my nails done with her, and I knew it HAD to be the beach! Then….the night before we were supposed to go, Lizz texted and asked if we could actually NOT get our nails done, but just go eno at Bald Rock. I panicked. I figured Cam must have decided not to propose, or I had been ALL wrong about him getting ready to, and ended up crying to my roommate about it all. Lizz told me she really needed someone to talk to, though, so I agreed to meet up with her at my parent’s house the following afternoon when I was done working. The day came, and Lizz and I piled into my Mustang convertible, took the top down, and cruised up to Bald Rock. We were chatting along the way, and I shared with her my anxiety about Cam not proposing the night before.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Bald Rock

She had yet to open up, so I figured she was waiting until we set up the enos. We got to Bald Rock, parked, and walked to where I figured Lizz wanted to eno, when she stated she wanted to see the view. I agreed, since it had been a while since I had been up there, even though Cam and I used to love going to Bald Rock when we first started dating. Lizz then asked if I wanted to take a selfie, so I agreed. She placed the camera down low for the first shot, which I thought was odd as it created the lovely double chin effect, then raised it back to normal for the second. As she was taking pictures, I noticed a man walking up behind us in the pictures. I turned around to give this guy a piece of my mind for creeping on two girls alone in the mountains, when I realized it was Camerron! I immediately panicked that he wasn’t at work and thought he had quit….until I noticed the ring box in his hand. He got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I was in COMPLETE shock and kept asking if he was serious…until finally I yelled YES! He asked if I wanted the ring and I said YES, DUH! I was so shocked, but SO happy! Lizz and her husband, Timmy, told us the whole story after that, and took some lovely proposal pictures on the mountain. Afterward, to celebrate, we went to the Dacusville Clock for a chocolate milkshake (my favorite!). We enjoyed spending the rest of the evening together, and left for the beach the next day for a week of CELEBRATING…and engagement pictures he had set up because he knew I love the beach! I’m so excited to spend forever with this man.

His Side: When I knew I wanted to propose to Elizabeth, I started trying to figure out where and how. I eventually decided I would propose during our yearly family beach trip, since she loves the beach. However, leading up to the vacation, I heard through our friend that she had a good idea it was coming…and I didn’t want her to know ANYTHING! I wanted it to be a TOTAL surprise. So, one Sunday, my friends Timmy and Lizz and I drove up to Bald Rock, since Elizabeth loved Bald Rock so much and we had gone there a lot, and came up with the proposal plan. Elizabeth just thought I had overslept and missed church. Lizz texted Elizabeth asking to hangout and go to Bald Rock on Thursday. I asked for a half day at work, and got the plan in motion. I got off work at one, drove to Timmy and Lizz’s house, and dropped off my truck (since I knew she would know). Timmy and I hopped in his truck and hit the road. We parked a little ways down JUST in case she recognized it. After waiting what seemed like forever, I heard her mustang roaring down the road and knew she was here. We waited until she and Lizz walked by and got in place, just like we had practiced. When I got down on one knee, Elizabeth was in total shock. It was exactly what I had wanted! I can’t wait for a fun life with her.