Elizabeth and Caleb

How We Met

We met our sophomore year of college at Wichita State University. Caleb was friends with my roommate, so from time to time he’d be in our dorm room. We weren’t really friends in college, though our social circles did overlap quite a bit. He was a music student and I took choir and band, so we’d see each other occasionally in and around the music buildings on campus. We were also both involved in Greek Life (he’s a Delta Upsilon and I’m a Delta Gamma) so were at many of the same events on campus. We probably never would have connected without our Greek affiliations. Every summer, the Wichita chapter of Delta Gamma hosts a four-day camp for kids and teens with visual impairments. Caleb had been a volunteer counselor there through college, but I had never been able to because of my summer job. The summer after both of us graduated though, I finally volunteered. On the night of the camp talent show, I ended up sitting next to Caleb and we talked for a bit. I noticed he had a large scrape down one of his legs and asked him about it. (Yes, he got me with a “let me tell you how I got this scar” story!) In addition to the details of his injury, I learned that it was his birthday, and that we had several interests in common. The night we got back from camp, he asked me out. I turned him down, sharing that I’d already put on my pajamas and ordered a pizza – which I had! It took six more tries, but I finally agreed to out with him, and Caleb and I have been together ever since. Almost four years!

how they asked

My grandma and fiance played the long game on the proposal. At Christmas of 2015, my grandma gave Caleb a ring that she thought “would be perfect” for an engagement ring. He held on to it for over six months before proposing! His original intent was to propose at Heather’s Camp where we “met” as a couple, but that didn’t work out as planned. He had taken the ring in to the jewelers to get sized, and it got done a couple of weeks earlier than he planned, so on to Plan B, which was Fourth of July weekend with my family. We had gone with my parents to visit my grandparents in Wilson, KS for the holiday weekend. After lunch, Caleb asked if I wanted to go on a walk. I said sure, and we headed out the door. A few blocks from my grandparents house is a church, and Caleb suggested we walk to it, and then turn around and come back. Again, I agreed, not really sure what was going on. As we’re walking, Caleb started talking about how much he loved me, and why he thought we should be together for a long time. About this time, I’m figuring out what’s going on, and that we’re also still pretty far from the church and it sounds like Caleb is running out of prepared speech. He realized the same thing, and started improvising. When we reached the front of the church, in the spot where my dad proposed to my mom, Caleb asked me to marry him. I immediately said yes and threw my arms around him. We hugged briefly then Caleb said he needed a moment. He turned around, and when he turned back there was blood streaming down his face. He had been nervous about the proposal, and his nose had started bleeding. I (unhelpfully) started laughing, and we quickly headed back to the house. When we got back, Caleb headed to the bathroom to clean himself up, and I followed into the house still cracking up. When I looked up at my family – who all knew that Caleb had proposed – I could see varying looks of horror. They all thought I had said no and punched him! I assured them that was not the case, showed them the ring, and as soon as Caleb was cleaned up, we all celebrated. I had been completely surprised by the whole thing, but I’m so happy it happened the way it did! It was just the right amount of sweet, family-focused and ridiculous.

Image 1 of Elizabeth and Caleb

Special Thanks

Berniece Olejniczak - My grandma!
 | She provided the ring!