Elizabeth and Brian

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How We Met

Brian and I met in college in 2014. He was a Senior and I had one more year to go! We attended Fresno Pacific University which is a small private college where everyone knows everyone! Brian and I had a few classes together over the years (we had the same major) so we knew of each other but had never really had a conversation. I had recently gone through a breakup and my friends were dying to set me up with this guy! I kinda brushed it off for a few weeks as I thought it was “too soon”. A few short weeks later I gave end and let me friends work their magic. Brian and I awkwardly said “hi” to on another in class until the day he mustered up the courage to ask me out.We went on our first date which ended up lasting 7 hours! It was magic from the start and we literally never looked back. We found ourselves head-over-heels in love within the matter of weeks.

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how they asked

Brian has always enjoyed surprising me and our proposal would be no different! Brian planned his proposal for months without me having any inkling. He arranged for my best friend (now Matron of Honor) and husband to invite us up to the mountains to getaway for the day. She told me what she was wearing and that we would just meet up there when they finished their breakfast. Thank goodness she told me what she was wearing or I would have shown up with my hair on top of my head and workout gear! Brian picked me up that morning and I wondered to myself why he was wearing his good shoes to the mountains (us girls always have an option, right?).

We were about half-way to our destination when my friend texted me that they were running behind and that would text us to meet up when they got there. Brian and I discussed what we would do to waste time so we decided to go to the lake and checkout the views. We got out of the car and Brian led the way. We walked around the lake for a while and I started getting anxious. Seconds later Brian led me to his left down to the water. It was then I saw a strange man with a camera, rose petals, and candles. Brian led me to the middle of the rock, got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

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I was so stunned I am still not sure I answered him! He already knew what the answer was :) We took a few photos with the photographer and then Brian had another surprise for me. Our parents and closest friends were near by at a cabin they had rented for the weekend. We showed up at the cabin and again, was overjoyed that our most favorite people were there to celebrate with us. We spend the rest of the day (and the next day too) eating, drinking, and celebrating our future. The proposal could not have been more perfect.

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