Elizabeth and Brett

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How We Met

When I got to Nordstrom The Woodlands in August of 2014, Brett had already been building the store for almost a year. A week after I started my job, I saw a guy walking the store with an iPad in his hand with men following him around everywhere he went. He looked up at me and I instantly felt this connection with him that I had never felt with anyone else. I immediately had a school girl crush, and told myself, “I have to get to know this guy”!

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For the next few weeks we decided to play “who can stare the longest” from across the store. I finally decided to ask a co-worker that knew him what his name was. She told me, “I think his name is Burt”. I gave her a funny look and said to myself “who would name their child Burt in this day and age”? I decided to ignore that and try to get to know him anyway. We ended up finding multiple times to talk during work and started to get know each other.

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The weekend Nordstrom The Woodlands opened I was working a mid shift that Sunday of opening weekend, and noticed that he was sitting on the couches right in front of my department. When I was close to getting off work, he came over and gave me his card and told me to call him for drinks once I was done. Well, obviously I called him about half an hour later, and asked him if I could take him up on that drink. We decided to meet at Baker Street Pub on the Waterway, and we have been together ever since!

PS – I later found out his name was actually Brett.

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how they asked

Back in March 2016, I remember Brett was going to be gone for a long weekend in April for Army Drill. With that in mind, I decided to look at flights to go down to Houston, TX to see my friend Becka and her new baby that I hadn’t met yet. We were so excited about the weekend we planned, but when April rolled around, Becka didn’t really let me know if the weekend was still on or not and ended up telling me that she and her husband were busy that weekend now. I was so sad when she told me it couldn’t work, but that gave me the idea to go down for Labor Day weekend instead so Brett could meet the baby too! I thought this was a brilliant plan, but Brett didn’t seem very on board with it. I finally convinced him it was the perfect idea and he ended up accepting it.

Fast forward to Labor Day weekend (also our 2 year anniversary weekend). I couldn’t wait to see our friends and was so excited to get to stay with them in their new house along with our other friends that had gotten married this year. Saturday October 3rd, we decided ahead of time that we would make that night a date night to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. Brett told me the plans he made so that I knew exactly what to pack for that night.

We started off at Jasper’s which is a very nice restaurant in The Woodlands area that has an amazing happy hour we use to go to. After a few drinks and an appetizer, we decided to go back to our favorite spot in The Woodlands where we said “I Love You” for the first time. Brett told me beforehand that he was going to give me his 2 year anniversary gift that he made. Sure enough, it was a leather bound book with lots of pictures in it of us from the second year of our relationship (he made me one for our first year as well so this was a trend he wanted to keep up). I was looking through the pictures when I came to a page that was cut out and had a rectangular box in it. I said “Oh, it’s a box!” not even thinking it could be an engagement box since it was rectangular and thin.

He said, “I know that I’ve been trying to convince you for awhile that we didn’t need to get engaged until next year, but I’ve actually been planning this day for you for the past 9 months now”. At that moment I knew it was no ordinary box. I’m pretty sure he even had to tell me “Elizabeth, this is happening I need to you look at me”.

I was completely hysterical and tears of joy and surprise were running down my face. He got down on one knee and said “Elizabeth Anne Struffolino, will you marry me?” or at least that is what he told me he said since I was crying so much I couldn’t even hear him. I absolutely said yes and that is when he let me know a photographer had been secretly taking pictures of us the whole time!

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We ended up getting to take a few pictures afterwards and then decided to go see my family back at my Grandfather’s house (I knew they were in town for the Oklahoma/Houston football game). When we came inside, instead of just my family being there, my parents had invited some of our friends from Houston to join us! The next day when we were spending time with my friend Tannah and her husband, Brett had to convince me to go back to Dallas that night to see some other friends that wanted to celebrate the engagement. When we got to my childhood home, I came inside, and EVERYONE I knew from home was at my house to surprise me. It was the most beautiful and best weekend I have had in my life, and I can’t wait to one up it when we say “I DO” next summer!

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