Elizabeth and Billy

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How We Met

Our beginning started in 1995. His family lived down the street from my Aunt Barb and Uncle Bart. As neighbors his parents and my aunt and uncle quickly became friends. My mom heard that his mom was homeschooling and became very interested. In the end, she decided to homeschool my sister and I.

During that year and a half of homeschool we went to many events with the Sclafani’s, where we got to know them well. Even though we didn’t notice each other in a “relationship way” over the years, Billy and I’s paths always crossed! From homeschool events, (Opera, Blue Army Shrine, Mary Feast Day, music classes), Billy watching my dad coach Marybeth and I in basketball, I watched him play the trash cans, I attended his sister, Marybeth’s sweet sixteen, we both went to weekly noon mass at St. Therese, Billy DJ’ed my sister’s prom and my cousin’s wedding, and my family attended his Father’s wake and Funeral.

I truly believe God was letting us share these experiences together, but wasn’t done shaping us into who we needed to be for each other. We both had other relationships, changes in our family, and many experiences that made us realize how important family, religion and a positive attitude toward life is.

FINALLY, one day at Father’s Day mass a light bulb went off in my head. I thought to myself, “hmmm, he has many qualities I’m looking for in a guy… maybe?! Billy?!” At this point thoughts were running like…. “Billy?! Strangely, right after that mass Billy and I ran into each other and caught up.

He later messaged me on Facebook which led to another message, which led to dinner and drinks. After the date, I got a call from Billy asking me to be his date to his sister’s wedding. Surprisingly my cousin’s wedding was the day after. Soooo I told him I would go with him as long as he was my date the day after.

Our 2nd and 3rd dates ended up being weddings. It was a bit overwhelming meeting ALL of his family on our 2nd date, but I would recommend it to everyone. Dancing, laughing and seeing each other interact with both our families was priceless. It is also the best and quickest way to see if someone is a keeper.

Three short weeks later, Billy took me to Chinatown in New York City for dinner at Hop-Kee and dessert at the Sorbet shop where his mom and dad would go on dates. Afterwards, we walked along the Brooklyn bridge and watched the sunset. On our walk back we stopped and talked and I was expecting him to kiss me but instead he turned and asked if we could go steady. Yes, he phrased it just like that “Elizabeth, will you go steady with me?” I was shocked but beamed with joy and responded with the saucy remark “yes, do i get your pin?”

how they asked

After two in a half years of dating we knew that we wanted to keep planning and building our lives together. We had talked about engagements but I wasn’t sure when or how he would ask and he really wanted it to be a surprise. We were suppose to go with my family to a ski trip to Vermont after Christmas so thought maybe sometime then but I was wrong.

On Christmas Eve, I woke up like any other Christmas Eve, not ready for Christmas and needed to run out to make some last minute purchases. Him and his sister agreed to come along. I had no showered, had glasses on and gym clothes. We ran out to find presents for his mom and a few others.

The day way suppose to run like the following: go out get last minute gifts, shower, exchange gifts, go to mass, go to my dad’s side of the family right after. We had such a busy schedule ahead I didn’t even realize what was to happen next!

With all of my immediate family around, we all started opening presents. Billy brought mine in last. It was a antique typewriter! I had been asking for this for Christmas because I saw one in a home one time with the words welcome spelled out on it and just love antique items!

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I saw what it was and I was SO happy! So happy that I started to type right away. It wasn’t hitting the back though, and when I brought this to his attention he said I needed to remove the bow in the center. He took the bow away and what I didn’t realize was that he took a box away with it.

I sadly was clueless and kept trying to type away and check out the letters when I hear him just start saying over and over I love you, I love you. I turned around and he grabbed both of my arms. At that point I knew, he started getting down on one knee and I started sobbing tears of happiness. He asked me to marry him and I said Yes!
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A minute later his whole family came in through our front door, they had been circling the block in their cards waiting for billy to text them to tell them I said Yes!

We went to Christmas mass with both sides of the family and after got to celebrate with my dad’s side of the family! It was the best feeling in the world and I can’t wait to start planning our lives together!

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