Elizabeth and Benjamin

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Riviera Maya, Mexico

How We Met

Ben and I met three years ago on Marshall University’s campus in West Virginia. Ben served nine years in the army and he was a recruiter for the West Virginia Army National Guard and had an office in the student center. I was a Graduate Assistant at the laboratory preschool program on campus working on a School Counseling degree. One day in April 2014, he knocked on the door of the preschool and I opened it! He was interested in learning more about our preschool program. In the fall, we began seeing each other frequently. When I went home for Thanksgiving break, he made a three hour trip to visit! It was an adventure from the beginning. We have been officially happily dating since January 2015. We have so much fun together and try new things, such as sky diving and kayaking. We are best friends and life together is just loving, easy, and fun!

Proposal Ideas Riviera Maya, Mexico

how they asked

The night he proposed in Riviera Maya was like a dream. It was absolutely perfect! I never expected it at all. We spent the morning snorkeling near beautiful reefs in the Gulf of Mexico. That evening, the resort we were staying at offered to rent a the pier for a night and order dinner from the nearby restaurant Havana Moon. Ben reserved the pier for a private dinner the last night of our vacation. Our personal waiter brought us wine and took our order- the thought of him proposing was not even on my radar. After we were settled and just talking, Ben began telling me about how thankful he was for me and what a positive impact I’ve made on his life. He talked about how he’d known me now for three years and it had been the best three years of his life. He said, “Let’s stand up and have a toast.” He looked at me and said, “You are my best friend, my girlfriend, and now I would love for you to be my wife. Elizabeth Houck, Will you marry me?” I SAID YES! I was so surprised! I was also very happy and felt so loved. Ben planned the perfect, heartfelt proposal that I will remember forever!

Elizabeth's Proposal in Riviera Maya, Mexico