Elizabeth and Beaumont

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How We Met

We first saw each other August of 2008 at CCHS orientation. In less than a week, we managed to find each other on MySpace. (Boy, does that make us feel ancient.) We started talking on there and eventually moved on to texting. We became friends and the sparks instantly started flying. On September 5th, I was at a sleepover with about 8 other girls. It was around midnight when we started lathering our faces with those mud masks and, of course, covering our eyes with cucumbers. Once I was settled, I heard my phone buzz. My friend looked down at my phone and said, “It’s from Beaumont!” I opened my phone for her to read it to me and she squealed with excitement. This meant something good. I tossed the cucumbers, looked down and saw a text saying, “Hey beautiful, wanna go out?” I screamed, we screamed, and then one friend piped up to burst my bubble and said, “make sure he’s not still with the soccer team and that he’s not just being a jerk before you respond!” Frantically, I start texting his sister to see if he’s alone and it feels like hours waiting on her response. “Why isn’t she responding?” Meanwhile Beaumont is thinking “Just laid my heart on the line after talking to this girl for hours and it’s been like 15 minutes and she hasn’t answered, what could have gone wrong?” I call his sister and finally she picks up and whispers that he is by himself. The squealing returns to the party and I immediately shoot a text over saying “Yes!!!” At that point, neither of us realized what life had in store. I distinctly remember a lecture that my youth leader gave to my youth group. We were discussing relationships and it went something like this, “Most of you will date people in high school and think that they will be the one you’re going to marry. Most of the time though, it doesn’t work out.” I remember thinking to myself, “Nope, we are different. He is the one I’m going to marry.” Then our relationship took a turn. After almost two years of dating, we broke up. It was time for us to focus on other things in our lives and find ourselves. It was an extremely difficult time. Some people thought it was the end, but God had a different plan. Fast forward to February of senior year. We left for our senior trip to Paris, Barcelona and Madrid. (Here comes the sappy part) With Valentines Day winding down, our feelings for each other were winding up. Perfect time to travel to the city of love, right? On our last night in Paris, we visited the Eiffel Tower to see it in all its’ sparkling glory. It wasn’t until we all loaded back on the bus that Beaumont and I found a cozy seat next to each other. It was late, we were tired and my head made it to his shoulder. His hand was on my knee and I remember screaming in my head, “HOLD MY HAND!” And then it happened. It felt like a rush of electricity, like it was meant to be. It was comfortable, familiar, and felt like all was good in the world. We ended up talking about getting back together once we were at the train station. Even with the thought of graduation and attending separate schools in our minds, we decided to go for it and cross that bridge later. Luckily, we never had to cross that bridge.

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Beaumont ended up attending University of Georgia and I attended Valdosta State University. For those that aren’t familiar with the state of Georgia, we were about as far apart as we could get. That four hour distance was quite hard sometimes, it just made seeing each other so much sweeter.

how they asked

It was December 4, 2016, Beaumont told me to pack a bag because we were going to Chateau Elan for a short romantic getaway. I remember thinking, “it has got to happen tonight. Why else would he surprise me with this trip?” But I tried not to get my hopes up just in case. The whole ride there, I noticed he had his phone face down on his leg. Sketchy. When we got there, Beaumont dropped me off so I didn’t have to walk in the rain. Thankfully he did, because he saw his mom sneaking into the winery as he was parking. After some brief stalling, he suggested we go to the winery. We each got a glass of wine, sat down and his wine was gone. He was so nervous he just slammed it back. He then suggested we go look at the Christmas tree made out of wine bottles. Me, being the brat that I am, said, “No, I want to finish my glass first.” After finishing my glass and getting a fresh glass, I finally allowed him to escort me over to the tree. As we were standing there he said,”I love you.” I responded, “I love you, dear.” Then he got down on one knee and said, “Enough to marry me?” The tears starting falling, the applause and hollers from the other people in the winery erupted and I said, “Yes!” We hugged and kissed and he told me to turn around. Out came my parents, his mom, his siblings, and my two best friends from a side room running towards us with tears of joy.

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After some brief pictures, we moved in to the dining room where they had champagne and my mom had made precious bride and groom chocolate covered strawberries. After the party, we went to a secluded corner of the tin-roof dining room and enjoyed an amazing dinner and listened to the beautiful sound of the rain. It was absolutely perfect!

Special Thanks

Sidney Naliwajka
 | Photographer