Elizabeth and Austin

Engagement Proposal Ideas in My moms

How We Met

We met in March 2015. I was working at Planet Fitness (I still do) but he came in for a tour with his co-worker/good friend Ray. During the tour, I found out he grew up not far from where I did, and at one point we went to the same college. He looked a little sad so I picked at him because he was wearing a Ford hat, turned out he owned a Mustang, and I cheered him up a little being a country girl that I am giving him a fun hard time.

After that, he asked me out for drinks and we became best friends shooting the hay. In May I went camping with him not thinking anything of it, and I got to meet a few of his family members. That night he ended up kissing me and from there, our story changed. That October he finally asked me to be his girlfriend after countless dates. Fast forward Feb 2017 he bought me my first piece of jewelry which was a beautiful pandora promise ring.

How They Asked

Fast forward a little more, here we are December 24th, 2019 and he asked me to marry him. His original proposal didn’t go as planned he tried to avoid the Christmas cliche and the ring he wanted to get me originally did fit in the plans at this time. During the night of Christmas Eve, he wanted to stick the ring in my stocking for me to find but a drunken family member ruined his surprise by telling me about the present in front of him wanting him to give it to me so they could see.

Elizabeth's Proposal in My moms

A little frustrated and confused he pulled the ring out and placed it on my hand. Once the family member was gone it was confirmed it was an engagement ring, and he apologized that it wasn’t special like he wanted.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in My moms

I gave the ring back in the box so he could give it to me properly, so as we walked in the door to my parents’ house my mom saved the day by taking photos, and he got to ask me.

I cried tears of joy. I have waited for this moment for so long and I am so excited to be planning. The best part was Christmas Eve is my grandparents’ anniversary so something food came out of the day and it was meant to be written in our books!