Elizabeth and Austin

How We Met

Austin & I met at a high school basketball game in January of 2012. He was a Sophomore & I was a Junior, from that night forward we were inseparable.

How They Asked

Wow – did Austin do good!! A group of our friends had planned to go to the Cummer Museum together on a Sunday. The girls decided to get our nails done that morning (little did I know they planned this to ensure I had fresh nails, love them for that!) & the boys were just going to meet us there. When we arrived we walked straight out to this beautiful flower garden overseeing the lake. By the time I arrived Austin had cleared out all of the people & my friends disappeared. My friends hid in the bushes photographing the whole thing. It was just me & him in this garden, I started crying walking towards him. I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t believe he had a ring until I saw it with my own two eyes!



Special Thanks

Kenzie Rae Photography
 | Photography