Elizabeth and Arthur

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How We Met

Arthur and I met 6 years ago on a Binghamton University campus bus. Arthur had a student job as a campus bus driver and as I stepped on the bus he said, “hey, are you in my Physics class?” Our physics class had 500 students, so I had no idea if he was in my class (but he must have noticed me)! He was so cute and talked to me the whole way to my stop. I was actually a bit concerned about how he kept turning around to talk to me while driving a full-size bus. He came to sit next to me in physics class the next day and the rest is history! I often think about how fate may have played a role because I never typically took the campus bus. Something drew me to take the bus that day and brought us together. Arthur and I were long-distance through my two Master’s degrees and Arthur’s 4 years in dental school, but we are so excited to start our life together in the same place.

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how they asked

I never expected that I would be as surprised as I was by Arthur’s proposal. I am a pretty observant person and normally notice anything out of the ordinary. I never thought Arthur would be able to pull off such an unexpected event.

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Arthur asked me to marry him on the same day I graduated with my Master’s degree. My mom had flown up to be with me for my graduation. And the day before my graduation, my dad showed up as a surprise to share the graduation with me. That was surprise number one. On the day of my graduation, Arthur’s family was there for my graduation festivities, as well. After the ceremony, we all went to dinner together in Astoria, Queens. I was really craving so delicious Italian pasta! After we finished eating, my dad wanted to go take pictures and suggested we go to the nearby Astoria Park.

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This was typical for my dad, the photographer, so I was still not cued in that anything was going on. My dad started by taking pictures of me and then added Arthur into the pictures. In the middle of us taking pictures together, Arthur began pushing me away from our hugging pose and got down on his knee. He pulled out a tiny plastic box that is used to hold dental crowns. I thought he was joking and was astonished when there was a beautiful diamond ring snuggly in the box he opened. He asked me to marry him and of course, I said, YES! I love that my mom, my dad, Arthur’s mom, and his sisters were all there to share the moment with us. I, also, love that he honored my grandparents by asking me in the same park that my late grandfather asked my grandmother over 50 years earlier. It could not have been more perfect!

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Three days after our engagement, Arthur and I embarked on our first cruise ever with Disney Cruise Line to the Bahamas. It was a beautiful way to celebrate our graduations, recent engagement, and transition into using the term fiancé!

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