Elizabeth and Anthony

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How We Met

Our love story is so special and unique to us! Anthony and I met on match.com in 2018. Never in my life would I think I would have met such an amazing guy and my future husband on the internet! I was skeptical and just seeing what was out there through online dating. I am originally from the Jersey shore and he is from Philadelphia.

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I moved out to the suburbs of Philadelphia to go to nursing school. After being single for a while, I decided to go online. He messaged me and said, “I give nurses so much credit for what they do!” His line clearly suckered me in 😂. We talked for about three weeks over the phone and through texting before I gave him a chance to take me out on a date.

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We planned a date night and the day finally came where we were going to meet. I was very sick with a nasty illness, I had been sick for about 5 days leading up to our date so I was eager to finally get out of the house. The day of our first date I laid in bed for the whole day contemplating if I really wanted to go, haha! I ended up going on the date with Anthony, I was congested and pale but there was nothing a little cold and flu medication and bronzer, and couldn’t fix it.

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He picked me up and surprised me with where we were going. We went to a quaint restaurant in one of my favorite towns outside of Philadelphia. The date was perfect, it was February and very cold that night. The place he took me on our date had huge windows looking out onto the streets of the quaint town and it even snowed during our date. It was so magical and as soon as I met Anthony and we started to talk during dinner I felt a spark! It wasn’t long until we went on a second date.

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The day after our first date I ended up going to urgent care because I still was not feeling good. As I thought I was getting over my illness I was actually getting worse. I went to urgent care and ended up fainting in the urgent care office, haha! This still makes me laugh to this day. As I was in the office recovering I got a text message from Anthony saying “How is your day going beautiful? I had a great time last night.” I explained to him I was stranded at the urgent care because I couldn’t drive myself home and I have an IV and I’m getting all this fluid. He probably thought I was nuts! He immediately wanted to visit me. I was so embarrassed and we just met, so I said no, haha!

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I was unable to drive myself home so one of my friends in my nursing program drove me home, the urgent care was only about 5 minutes from where I lived. I finally got home hours later and Anthony brought me Powerade zero (my favorite) and snacks. We sat on my couch all day while I was deathly ill and watched impractical jokers. After this fiasco the rest is history and we are so in love!

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How They Asked

Anthony and I were on a family vacation with my family at Walt Disney World! My sister and my niece live in Arizona because my sister is in the military. I rarely get to see my sister and when I do it is so special. My dad, sister, niece, Anthony, and I all traveled to Disney to celebrate my niece’s second birthday!

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During my and Anthony’s first vacation to Disney, I showed him the Disney boardwalk. He fell in love with it just as much as I am. During our first trip together in 2019, Anthony and I rented surrey bikes and also a boat by the boardwalk and we had so much fun. Anthony loved it so much that we said we would always come back here and it would be our “special spot”.

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It was our last day on vacation and Anthony wanted to go to the boardwalk and so did I just to spend a little time there before heading home. I was dressed comfortably with no makeup on and totally unprepared for this (😂 Anthony said he knew I had no idea). After spending a day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we took a boat over to the boardwalk. My family did not spend the day with us as my niece was too small for Hollywood Studios, so they spent the day at a water park. My family called me and told me they were going to meet us at the boardwalk. When they arrived they weren’t able to be let in because of COVID and they were not already on Disney property like us. Thinking back, this was definitely stressful for Anthony 😂!

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As the sun was setting we were walking about the boardwalk and we ended up going to this gorgeous gazebo on the water. We watched boats go by and just talked about how much fun this vacation was so far. We are nerds and collect Disney pins. We are huge Winnie the Pooh fans (nerdy, we know). Anthony turned to me and said he had a special limited edition pin for me. He took out an engagement ring and asked me to marry him! I was shocked and of course, just started to cry immediately. It was so special and magical. He popped the question at the most perfect place that will always be special to us. This was the best vacation ever. We ended the night with a pizza party and ice cream on the boardwalk! My dad, sister, and niece were waiting for us and congratulated us when we got back to our place we were staying! It was so fun to have my favorite people there and so exciting! It will forever be one of my favorite memories!

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