Elizabeth and Angel

how we met

We met out dancing in Angel’s home country Ecuador. It seems like our relationship was meant to be, neither of us wanted to go out that night. It was also the first and last time we went out in that club. I was convinced by my friend and Angel was convinced by his cousin. His cousin noticed two guys harassing my friend and I and invited us to be a part of her group to avoid them. She introduced me and Angel and we danced the rest of the night.

how they asked

Since we are from different countries and decided to live in the US, we didn’t have a traditional proposal. We basically had a conversation that we wanted to finally be together in the same place, and to do that we had to get married. A month later we got married at the courthouse and started the process to get Angel a marriage visa and then greencard. I told Angel he still had to propose, and joked with him that I would say no even though we were already married. A year and a half after our courthouse wedding, I told Angel I wanted him to plan a surprise trip. I imagined going camping somewhere. I didn’t know where we were going until we got to the airport and he said he had planned a camping trip in Hawaii. He proposed to me on a beach while we were sitting in a hammock surrounded by trees.

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