Elizabeth and Andrew

how they asked

I guess I have to give a little background to show how much Andrew’s proposal meant to me. Back in September 2017, my father was in a mountain biking accident resulting in his paralysis from the chest down. This led to my parents selling my childhood home which wasn’t conducive to his condition. We love the street we grew up on, and my family is very sad to have to leave.

Every year we had a block party, and that day was thought of by all the kids as better than Christmas morning. The block parties sadly ended when all the kids grew up, but the memories of them are ones we still reminisce about.

Proposal Ideas Elizabeth’s childhood home

Fast-forward to January 2018 and a night out in Boston. Andrew and I met up with some of my neighbors at a bar. After a lot of talk about our childhood, quite a few beers, and some crying (mostly from me) about my family moving off the street I excused myself and went to the bathroom. While I was gone, Andrew said: “I think we should plan one last block party before the Lange family moves, because that’s where I want to propose to Liz”. I returned from the bathroom completely oblivious to the plan that was just put into action.

The block party was planned exactly as it was when we were kids, and I had no idea that it all started because of what Andrew was about to do. I invited Andrew’s family myself, which made things much easier for Andrew! It was a very hot and humid Saturday afternoon meaning my hair was immediately put up in a bun – Andrew said to me after he proposed “I knew you had no idea when you didn’t do your hair this morning”.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Elizabeth’s childhood home

Under the guise of “will you help me grab a table from your back yard? Your mom needs it for a game” I followed Andrew to the back of my house while everyone continued playing games and catching up. Still unaware of his plan, I looked around for the table. Once I realized that something very different was happening (given away by the tears in Andrew’s eyes and the way he said my name) – I completely blacked out. Andrew said some amazing words (which I made him repeat once the shock wore off) and when he asked “will you marry me?” my exact words were “OH MY GOD YEAH”.

After the crying subsided he said to me “I wanted you to have one last amazing memory at this house, on this street”. We walked back up to the block party where our family and friends yelled congratulations!!! – cue more hysterical tears from me.

There was a lot more crying and hugging after that, and Andrew’s family had brought champagne. Having our newly joined families together toasting to our future was absolutely perfect.

Looking back the whole day feels like one big wonderful blur filled with a ton of love. I had always told Andrew that the Clark Street Block Party was my favorite day of the year, and he made sure this was the best one yet.