Elizabeth and Alexander

Elizabeth and Alexander's Engagement in The botanical gardens in Weymouth

How We Met

When I was 18 years old and in school, I got the life-changing news of my Mum having incurable cancer. At the time I was helping out at a school function with my now fiancé, Alex. When I received the call, Alex comforted me and told me to leave to be with my Mum. Unfortunately, I lost her later that year and Alex and I drifted apart when school ended the same year.

At 22, I had a dream about Alex and me in the sixth form and messaged him asking if he wanted to meet up. He said yes. We went for a drink and instantly reconnected and after a few more outings, ended up in a relationship.

Whenever Alex and I would discuss marriage in passing, I’d always be hesitant of the idea as it was upsetting knowing my Mum would never be a part of it. Every girl dreams about having her mum at her wedding.

How They Asked

A few years down the line, Alex booked a trip to Weymouth where I grew up. We went to the botanical gardens there on the second day. That place always makes me think of my Mum, it was the last trip we took together before she got so ill she couldn’t drive. Unaware of Alex knowing this, he took me to the exact bridge I had the last ever photo with her. (there are 12 bridges dotted around and they are all bright red). He asked me to look out at the distance and just enjoy the memories and the moment.

As I turned back around, there he was, on one knee with a glistening ring. I was overwhelmed! He said he wanted my Mum to be a part of the proposal as he could never ask her permission so this was his way of doing that. After making him move back onto land as to avoid the ring slipping between the wood, as I’ve seen happen so many times online, I, of course, said yes.

Elizabeth's Proposal in The botanical gardens in Weymouth

Alex is not a naturally romantic man, so this proposal was simply astounding. How could I doubt marrying this man when I know my Mum would be so proud of him.