Elizabeth and Alex

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How We Met

Alex and I met when I was a freshman and he was a junior in our high school orchestra. Alex played tuba and I was seated next to him playing 3rd trombone. Alex jumped at the opportunity to haze a new, timid freshman; immediately instructing me to get his music for him at the beginning of every rehearsal. I remember going home after my first day of high school, calling my older sister and asking her if she knew this rude upperclassman.

Over the course of my freshman year, Alex’s teasing turned into a meaningful friendship between the two of us. We both played in the school jazz band and spent almost every weekend on long bus rides together, traveling to festivals. We became almost inseparable and started an inside joke where if one of us couldn’t find the other, we would bark like a dog until the other heard or one of our perplexed friends would say “Uhhh Alex is barking? I think he’s looking for you?” It wasn’t long before I had a huge crush on him. I promptly told everyone on earth about my crush, in case it wasn’t obvious enough.

Surprisingly, Alex remained oblivious until our school’s jazz band went on a summer tour of Italy. A little too much wine after one of our shows led one of my girlfriends to spill the beans to Alex. He had a crush on me too! Yay! We had our first kiss that night in Rome. Almost 10 years later we’re still barking at each other, which really confuses our dog.

Elizabeth and Alex's Engagement in Dumbo Waterfront, Brooklyn

Elizabeth's Proposal in Dumbo Waterfront, Brooklyn

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how they asked

Long story short, I was hard core tricked by everyone I know and love.

Alex’s birthday was on April 18th and both our families were coming up the weekend after it to celebrate with a birthday lunch. On the same day, my sister’s friend, Aurora, who works for the American Kennel Club had asked if the AKC could use Schuyler in a photo shoot for an upcoming promotion. I am a totally crazy dog lady and was so excited for Schuyler to get her 15 minutes of fame. Luckily, the photo shoot was well before lunch so I could go to it and not miss out on any birthday celebrations.

Proposal Ideas Dumbo Waterfront, Brooklyn

The night before the shoot I was a bit suspicious. I had noticed that Alex had been weird about his phone for the past few weeks. Normally he didn’t care if I saw anything on it but he’d been really jumpy about me even seeing the screen. I had the passing thought that because our families were in town, he might be proposing at lunch. The thought immediately was hampered by the fact that my best friend was in Miami on a work trip and I knew he’d never propose to me if she was out of town. The next morning, I went down to the Dumbo waterfront in Brooklyn with Schuyler. Aurora had instructed me to dress nicely because they might want me to be in some of the photos. Alex came along to watch the shoot.

We walked over to a big lawn right on the water that has a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline and the statue of liberty. The photographer suggested the 3 of us take some photos together and he could email them to us as a keepsake. When we stood up from taking the photos, Alex was so nervous. He told me there was no dog photo-shoot and this was all an elaborate rouse for him to propose.

I said yes, of course, but was still so confused. My best friend had missed my proposal? It was then that Alex pointed over my shoulder and I saw my best friend, her husband, and my sister running down the lawn to congratulate us. Soon after, our families arrived and surprised us with an engagement lunch. Even when I was suspicious, Alex found a way to surprise me with the best day ever!

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