Elizabeth and Aidan

Image 1 of Elizabeth and Aidan

How We Met

We met in college through online dating. We talked all through the night on skype a few times, and when we finally set up a date, I told my best friend that I “had a good feeling.” After the date, he told his cousin that I was wife material. I guess my gut was right!

How They Asked

I was cooking dinner at home and he told me he had a “little present” for me and asked me to close my eyes. When I opened them, the ring was on our dining table next to a pumpkin that had “Will you marry me?” written on it. I cried, a lot. I was so happy that it was private, intimate, and spontaneous. He said that he wanted to do it when it felt right, and he did! (P.S. We are new Orthodox Christians, which is why the ring is on my right hand.)