Eliza and Nick

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How We Met

Flash back to my senior year of college in a business finance class (Nick’s Junior year). Eight weeks into the quarter and I have yet to notice the guy who is inching a seat closer each class. Long behold one Monday morning I get a tap on the shoulder followed by a question about the alarm on my iPhone. Not suspecting a thing, I reply that I have not had any issues and get back to preparing for class. The class continues as Nick (iPhone boy) and I strike up a conversation about the upcoming football game, how we feel about the end-of-quarter final, and our Thanksgiving plans. The class ends with Nick asking me if I’d be interested in studying for the final and if so, my phone number. Needing the help, I happily agreed and we made plans to meet at the library that week. That Wednesday, we met at the library to “study” but end up laughing, joking, and learning more about each other. Following the final exam, Nick texted me to see if I wanted to get some ice cream to celebrate our passing grades. He picked me up at my apartment and we headed to the Columbus favorite spot of Jeni’s. While enjoying our ice cream, we learned about each other’s past, interests, and future goals. As soon as we both said our favorite city was Paris, I knew he was a keeper. Ice cream leads into dinner which leads into dating. After a year into dating, Nick admits that after the end of the first Business Finance class, he called his mom to let her know that the most beautiful girl walked into class (me!) and that he had to find a reason to talk to her. Luckily his iPhone trick worked and 5 years later, we are happily engaged!

how they asked

Valentine ’s Day weekend is around the corner and knowing that we would have at least dinner on the books, I am wondering what additional fun things we may want to do that weekend to celebrate. After proposing a few ideas, Nick caves and lets me know that he has a surprise weekend to Lake Tahoe booked. He didn’t want to ruin the surprise but I insisted on filling up our Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The Tahoe plan is to leave after work on Friday and that he got lucky and scored some cheap flights. He then reminds me how upset I get when we leave for a trip and I forget something, so I better packed and ready to go by Thursday morning. Reluctantly I agree and pack my bags for the winter weather in Tahoe. Wednesday night rolls around and Nick mentions that he will be working in the city tomorrow and it would be great if we could meet for lunch. He is “booked with meetings” so the only time available is 11:30 AM. Since he infrequently works in the city (and promised Sushiritto), I happily agree. Shortly before 11:30 hits, he texts me to let me know that he should be there soon and to meet him in our usual spot. He also says he brought a little surprise and to bring my purse down so I don’t have to carry it around at lunch. I grabbed my stuff, said ‘see ya in an hour’ to my colleague, and hopped in the elevator for lunch. Waiting in our meeting spot, I see Nick rolling our suitcases around the corner. “What the heck are you doing?” I ask. He is excited to tell me that part of the surprise included that we left for Tahoe a day early and everything has already been worked out with my boss. Knowing his relationship with my manager, I think nothing of it. Now I understand why he wanted me to be packed and ready! He calls an Uber and we pile our stuff in the car. He goes to “call his mom,” and hands me an envelope labeled ‘Tahoe Tickets’ so that I can see what terminal we are in. As I pull out the paper, I am almost in tears. The tickets are for a 3 PM flight from SFO –> CDG. These tickets are to PARIS!!! He continues to talk to his mom (videotape me) while I am asking myself if this is real life.

Ten short hours later we land in Paris. Nick had booked us a hotel in Montmartre, also a surprise. We had visited in August of 2014 and loved the area of Montmartre. On that trip we didn’t have as much time as we wanted to explore so we vowed we would come back on our next Paris vaca. Beyond excited, we quickly throw our bags in the room and head out to explore. After lunch and a few hours of adventure, we head back to the hotel for a rest and refresh. We decide we are ready for dinner and Nick asks if we want to head up to Sacre Coeur to take a picture. He says he brought a picture that we took on our last trip and it would be fun to recreate it in the same spot. We head up to the big, beautiful, white church to check out the views of the Eiffel tower and end up sitting on a green bench down a little path. Nick then pulls out a homemade book, the cover being the book of the class we met in. As I start to flip through the chapters, I am in tears thinking how this is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. The chapters are filled with pictures and memories from the past years. I get to the final chapter and it was covered in save-the-dates and wedding invitations of weddings we had attended. The last page reads “And now it’s time for the best chapter yet. I love you so much and will only forever…” This was the moment! I couldn’t believe the fairytale I had walked into going to “lunch” Thursday afternoon. He proceeded to open a red box the contained the most perfect ring. Obviously I said yes and can’t wait to marry my best friend.

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