E'Liza and London

How We Met

Circa…. 2008… is where Our story begins, although it didn’t start off as a love story. Although we went to middle school together for 3 years, we never crossed paths and it wasn’t until crossing paths at Bowling Green State’s University’s fashion show rehearsal, where we were both participating that the wonders of fate united us in friendship, and we later became best friends.

It was then, that true friendship provided warmth and comfort in the blistering seasons at BGSU. We maintained an innocent friendship throughout undergrad, post undergraduate studies and beyond. Moving forward, as all friendships are intended to grow and some intertwine the aspect of romance, we developed a candid care for one another, that quickly developed into a profound love. On June 1, 2013 to be exact, we realized our love for one another as best friends had ignited a burning desire to be much more than friends.

February 14, 2014, after a Valentine’s Day dinner at London Chop House, London asked Me to be his girlfriend. Shortly thereafter, in July of 2014, we moved to Dallas to begin our journey… And… well… the rest is history! Since then, we have been inseparable, making memories, traveling the world, finding new ways to love one another.

December 27, 2015… on a shivering night at Campus Martius ice skating rink, surrounded by family and friends, London knelled down on one knee asking for my hand in marriage, the answer was a definitive YES! November 30, 2016… we welcomed our most precious gift from God, a daughter, Layla. Now, I’m marrying my best friend, In Montego Bay, Jamaica on November 19, 2017! ❤❤❤

how they asked

A feeling that can only be depicted with a candid photo. Best day ever! So, living in Texas, it’s become custom that when London and I come home to Detroit to visit, we invite all of our friends and family out so we can see everyone. So, when I showed up to Campus Martius Park for ice skating and saw my entire family all of my friends, everyone, I wasn’t too surprised, but a bit excited that EVERYONE we invited showed up. Still, no inkling of intuition that this was about to happen. So, everyone is there, having a great time, ice-skating, all 30 of us! I had been ice-skating for a while, and noticed that just about everyone else we were with had exited the rink and was standing on the side of the rink. Still… No inkling of an idea. Though I was tired and my ankles had begun to ache a bit, my sister said “Come on, let’s go around a couple more times”. So, we did just that. On the last lap, I look up and see that London was laid out on the ice rink, and appeared as if he had fallen on the ice and was injured. My friends said “help London, he’s fallen and hurt his ankle”. After fussing at him a bit, telling him he shouldn’t have gotten out there because he had a recent ankle sprain, I started to help him up from the ice, at which point an employee rolls out a small white quilt with pink and red flowers in a heart shape.

This is when I start wondering what the heck was going on! I turn around and see all of my family and friends with their cameras out, turn back around and London is on one knee, on the ice, with a little red box, asking me to marry him! I immediately said yes, snatched my glove off my left hand and started boo hooing as he placed the most gorgeous ring ever on my finger!

Everyone skating, strangers, swarmed around us to record and take pictures. It was all so surreal. An amazing feeling to know that you’re going to spend the rest of your days with the love of your life!!!! So happy that all of my friends and family were there to share the moment. I’m getting married to my best friend!!!!