Eliza and Logan

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How We Met

Logan and I met in college where we were both college athletes. He was a senior, I was a freshman and the end of his undergraduate career was nearing. A few short weeks after we met it was time for summer break and Logan’s graduation. Although we had spent a lot of time together in those few weeks it was still too early to know what the outcome would be, or so I thought. The night before I left for summer break Logan told me that he had joined the army and would be headed to boot camp for the summer. I was a little caught off guard because I had hopes of spending time with him during the summer. But, I figured that it would be fine and work out if it was meant to. The next morning as I was driving home, I felt heartbroken, an emotion I hadn’t felt in a very long time. I was so confused as to why it was bothering me so bad that this boy, who I had only spent a few short weeks with, was going to be gone for three months. Logan must have had the same feeling because he invited me to his graduation party where I met his entire family. The next day we said our goodbyes, little did I know I would never desire anyone else again. We wrote letters during Bootcamp still very cautious in what we said, not truly knowing how the other felt. I surprised him at his Bootcamp graduation and we have been inseparable ever since. He was a part of the Army reserves and continued his graduate career at the college we went to while being my biggest softball supporter. I was blessed to have him less than 5 minutes away throughout my college career up until the last semester of my senior year, the army called. His reserve unit was being deployed to Poland for a year. My heart broke again, but even more this time, because of how close we had grown. It was very hard to finish my softball career, graduate, and start real life without him. In August, at which time we had been dating for about 3 years, 5 months into the deployment, Logan flew me to Poland where we had the trip of a lifetime. Leaving this time would prove to be even harder than the previous two times. From that time on his anticipated return date was mid-January.

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how they asked

It had always been my dream to visit New York City at Christmas time and had always dreamed of how wonderful it would be to get engaged there in front the huge tree in Rockefeller Plaza. My girlfriends and I planned a trip to the city for early December, knowing that Logan could not make it home to join us. It was a wonderful trip, we did all of the touristy NYC things you could think of. On the very last evening of our trip, we went to see Elf on Broadway. One of my friends had been missing for about the first ten minutes of the show and I became concerned. My other friends told me her stomach was not feeling well. What I did not realize was that there was an empty seat beside me and my friend would return with the biggest surprise of my life. Logan and Robin walked in together as I was watching the show. I moved my legs over to let Logan in, never looking up to see who it was. I was looking the other way at my friend asking if she was okay. After I asked her I heard Logan’s voice “are you okay?” I proceeded to scream “Logan Haynes” and sob while squeezing him as tight as I could until intermission. I then apologized to everyone around me, who were not at all upset, and we left the show so that I could regroup. We went to a nice dinner where I had a million questions for Logan. After dinner, we headed to the tree in Rockefeller Plaza where my dream would soon come true. My girlfriends and I took pictures and then Logan and I took pictures.

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Logan turned me around because he wanted to take a “couple” picture and as he did I could feel his heart racing. He told me that he had been thinking for a while, got down on a knee, and asked me to marry him with tears running down his face. I said of course, and proceeded to kiss him as he stood up and put the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen on my finger. What a magical moment! He made my ultimate dream come true and I cannot wait to spend forever with him!

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