Eliza and Joseph

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How We Met

Joe and I met almost seven years ago in our Junior year of high school when we were both put in the same sculpture class. I noticed him right away, as he was the new kid, and I wanted to talk to him, but I could not seem to muster up the courage. It was not until a few weeks into the school year that I walked into the art room to find him knocking over and breaking my hand sculpture project I had been working on. I watched as he quickly tried to piece it back together, looking around to make sure no one had seen him, when I walked up next to him and exclaimed, “You just broke my hand sculpture”!! Not knowing I had witnessed the entire incident, he was very embarrassed to say the least. I jokingly threatened to tell the teacher on him and from there we became good friends and eventually began dating. Since then we have spent time at separate schools and lived in different countries from one another, but that time is over and we are thrilled to be starting our new lives together now!

how they asked

Over our six years of dating, Joe and I took many trips down to Elizabethton, Tennessee to visit my Pop Pop. Throughout our visits we would walk through town, explore new outdoor places my Pop had found, and our favorite, hike Roan Mountain. Although not a very challenging hike, it is one we have always enjoyed for the beautiful mountain views at the top. This place has become very special to us over the years so Joe decided it would make the perfect place to propose.

Having talked and decided that summer would be the best time for us to get engaged, I was not very suspicious of Joe. In my mind, there was no way he was going to propose any time before July. That is what I believed up until about two weeks prior to the trip we had planned for Easter. I remember it was a Sunday night and I was simply thinking of how and where Joe might propose when all of a sudden I got this strong feeling that he was going to do it over Easter when we were in Tennessee. I kept trying to push the feeling away because I did not want to have high expectations for the weekend and then be disappointed if the proposal did not happen. But as it got closer and closer I could not shake the feeling so I told my sister. Partially because I just had to tell someone, but mostly because Joe and I had a bet going. The bet was that if I was surprised when Joe proposed I would owe him $50, but if I knew it was coming he would owe me $50. So I told my sister of my suspicions in case I needed her to back me up if he didn’t believe me.

The weekend finally arrived and we made plans for the two of us to go hiking up to Roan Mountain with my Pop. There were definitely signs that pointed to him proposing, but again, I did not want to get my hopes up and have it take away from what would be a great weekend, proposal or not. So we made our way up to the top stopping for pictures here and there. Then we came to a huge rock we have taken our picture on many times before and my Pop asked us to pose for another picture to add to our collection. He snapped a few photos and when we were done, Joe pulled away and dropped to his knee.

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Because I was not entirely surprised by the proposal I was able to listen to what he was saying and take it all in as he spoke.

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Sharing that moment with Joe was more than I could have imagined– we could not be happier! (And I am $50 richer!)

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