Eliza and Jacob

Marriage Proposal Photos (1)How We Met: After meeting as students at Washington State University, I fell for Jake on our third date. Literally. I missed step and tumbled down the stairs – Jake even had to get out a first aid kit. It’s now been five years since our third date mishap, we’ve since graduated college and have relocated to the western side of the state, and still our relationship continues to be filled with just as many funny moments and sweet memories. Although I am a bit more careful around the stairs now.

how they asked: Never in my life have I been as surprised as I was the day Jake proposed. This story really began in December, when we were visiting my family in Florida for the holidays. Anyone who knows my family knows that 2014 was a difficult year for us, because my Mom was diagnosed with cancer (love you Ma). By December, my Mom was recovering from chemotherapy and beginning to feel better. I was so ready to put 2014 behind us, and so optimistic for 2015 – Five is my favorite number so I just knew 2015 was going to be a great year.

We had a wonderful time with my family (back to this in a minute), but come New Years Eve we were back in Washington and ready to ring in 2015. Jake planned a night out in Portland: We stayed at Hotel Lucia, enjoyed dinner at Imperial, and counted down to midnight at Henry’s Tavern.

The next morning we grabbed breakfast from our favorite spot, and headed home to relax. Walking up the stairs, all I can remember thinking is that Jake was practically sprinting to the front door.

Jake swung open the door, and there were candles and flowers everywhere, plus champagne on ice (a huge thank you to my in-laws). At that moment, our cat came running out of the bedroom and I noticed a ring on his collar (an even bigger thank you to my in-laws, aka the cat whisperers, and to Jake – for accepting my cat-lady self). Jake got down on one knee, and I was still so shocked (and sobbing by this point) I could barely speak, but of course managed to get out a “YES”.

I found out afterwards that EVERYONE knew what was going on except for me. My family had known since we were in Florida over the holiday season, and Jake had asked their permission. Our NYE celebrations were just a plot so Jake’s parents could come by and set everything up. I tend to think of myself as the (ehrm) more high-strung half of this relationship, and I’m still floored that Jake managed to pull this off without me having any idea. All-in-all 2015 has been the best year so far, and five is without a doubt my lucky number.
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Engagement Photographer: Mary Alice Hall