Eliza and Jack

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cumberland Island, Georgia

How We Met

Jack and I met in fall of 2013, on move-in day of college. My roommate came to school dating her high school boyfriend, and Jack was her boyfriend’s roommate. That instantly connected us, and the four of us became fast friends. Though I was hesitant to start a relationship so soon in college, Jack was persistent. Within a week, I told Jack all the deepest and most raw parts of my life. Rather than running, he accepted me as I am and celebrated the struggles I’d experienced.

We spent all our time exploring and going on little adventures. Jack quickly became the person I cared for and trusted most. I always called him “my notebook” because, an avid writer, I began confiding in him more than the pages of my journals.

At the start of sophomore year, my dad passed away and I spiraled into a deep grief. God brought me to my rock bottom and used it as an opportunity to draw me closer to Him. As my faith grew, my relationship with Jack became more distant. Eventually, I felt like God was asking me to end our relationship and focus fully on my faith. I was more than reluctant because I loved Jack so deeply, but I knew God was asking me to be alone for a while. I ended things and held onto the promise that God would take care of us.

Two and a half years went by. Jack and I dated other people, but thought of each other often. We’d occasionally check in with each other, always being supportive. Graduation came and went and I figured there was no potential I’d ever hear from Jack again. It had taken me so long to get over him, and I was finally in the healthiest time of my life. It was exactly then that he swooped back in. We hadn’t communicated in over a year and I was so nervous to accept him back into my life.

Again, God played a massive role in our relationship, but this time in an opposite way. I felt so deeply that God was asking me to be transparent about my faith and be a witness to Jack. I had no expectations that Jack would want to become a Christian, but I prayed for him every day. We had long, spiritual conversations and I could see that God was truly working in Jack’s heart.

At the time, I was on a summer-long road trip, driving and camping my way across America. Jack and I spent hours talking on the phone as I drove through different states and countries. Pretty soon it was as if those two and a half years apart never existed. We decided we needed to see each other, so Jack planned a road trip of his own and our paths crossed in Sequoia National Park. It was so wild to see him again after all our time apart. After a few days of hiking and camping, we parted and I continued my solo trip.

A month later towards the end of my trip, I visited him in North Carolina. While on a hike, Jack admitted that he wanted to accept Christ into his life. I couldn’t believe that God had changed Jack so deeply. I would have never expected God would use me to point Jack to Himself. It was one of the biggest moments of my faith.

Within a few months, our feelings for each other grew and we started dating. One year later, and here we are, ENGAGED!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cumberland Island, Georgia

Eliza and Jack's Engagement in Cumberland Island, Georgia

Proposal Ideas Cumberland Island, Georgia

How They Asked

Adventure is at the center of our relationship. Jack and I make it a priority to get out of our normal routines, so we go on one or two little trips every month. All summer we’d been talking about going to Cumberland Island, but we couldn’t make it happen until November. Jack and I woke up before dawn and drove a few hours to the ferry, which took us across the Southern Georgia waterways out to Cumberland.

We rented bikes and spent the day exploring the near-uninhabited island. We saw ruins of beautiful old mansions, wild horses roaming the island, and miles of undeveloped beach. We even found a tangerine tree and I scaled it to shake down some fruit. It was incredible to be in a place so wild. The island has a truly magical quality to it, like you’ve stepped back in time. We ended up biking about 16 miles because there was so much to see!

After a picnic lunch, we climbed a tree and spent some time talking and praying. Then Jack got down on one knee (yes, in a tree!) and asked me to marry him! I’ve never felt more connected to anyone or more sure of anything in my life. We both cried just thinking about how God used the darkest times in our lives to show us His light, and how He was preparing us for each other all along.

The entire day was so special and magical. It felt like we were the only two people on the island and I couldn’t have picked a more beautiful place to get engaged to the man I love!