Eliza and Evan

Image 1 of Eliza and Evan

How We Met

It all started because of some left over Easter candy. We worked at the same building and I was trying to find one of my friends give my extra candy to but they were not at their desk. I saw Evan and thought ” Oh, I’ll give it to him” So I stopped by his desk and asked if he wanted some. I was at his desk for a while and I couldn’t remember the last time I laughed so much with someone. It was a sweet moment! We ended up hanging out a few weeks after and the rest is history.

how they asked

We went hiking at the Gardens of the Gods in Colorado and he asked at the very top. I remember hiking up and just taking in the beautiful scenery. I had my camera in my hand taking pictures then I turn around and he is on one knee. He was all teary eyed and said” Eliza, I’m madly in love with you” marry me! It was so sweet.. As we were going down the mountain I fell and landed on a cactus ( on my butt) lol He didn’t laugh but made sure I was okay. Smart man!

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Special Thanks

Josie Antoinette
 | Photographer