Eliza and Bradley

How We Met

It all started AT THE SHINDIG, DOWN BY THE RIVER. I had met all of Bradley’s family throughout high-school except Brad himself. I would go to his house for youth group meetings but every time Brad would be out wakeboarding on the lake, at football or basketball practice, or at another youth group event. I saw pictures of him on the wall in their family room and wondered what he was like.

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Flash forward to senior year of high school (we went to the same high school for two years and then I moved back to the Dominican Republic to finish my high-school), I attended a shindig down by the river hosted by mutual friends. Finally, Bradley was in attendance. He was tall, handsome, and confident as he came and sat down right next to me at the picnic table with his plate of food.

Later on, he and some friends were going to play ultimate frisbee and wondered if I wanted to come. I politely declined (because ew) but gave him my number JUST in case.

It was all history from there.

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How They Asked

After 4 years of dating, Bradley somehow still convinced me to drive to Boone with the motivation of “an outdoor night concert”. Well, that is all fine and dandy except for Boone NC in November is colder than a witches titty in a brass bra. We spent the day doing all my favorite things, eating at Sabeing (a FANTASTIC Asian restaurant), hitting up all the goodwills and thrift stores, finding my favorite flowers at Public, getting mani’s + padis, and walking around hand in hand.

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Meanwhile, I was obvious to his nervousness and jittery conversations.

He nonchalantly stated that we were going to go watch the sunset before the concert and I agreed. He carried the blanket and speaker while I hunkered down further into my coat due to 39 temp. and the suns setting. As we walked up the trail and came closer to the overlook, I started seeing little candles along the trail.

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I immediately started peppering him with questions. Further down the trail were more candles and pictures of our first dates. At the peak, where the rock overlook was, I found a circle of candles + a letter in a Bible + and a picture frame of us.

He told me to open the letter and I began to cry. I turned around towards him to hug him and he was on one knee, asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. I said YUS.

Special Thanks

Graham Freels
 | Photographer