Eliz and Eze

How We Met

We met 14 years ago, on a walk of the school. It was then that our world was composed only of wonders and perfection. Unfortunately, Eze had to leave the country in the 2011 and it was where our lives that changed completely, because it was no longer a perfect world, but a world full of questions about what we were about to face. We had to wait three years to see each other again and during that time we only communicated through Messenger and emails, because at that time we did not have the economic possibility of buying smartphones.

Where to Propose in Neptuno´s Restaurant

I can only say that it was not an easy road, but we never lost sight of our love, the faith and hope that we would be together again, but not in our time, but in God’s time.

Eliz's Proposal in Neptuno´s Restaurant

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Neptuno´s Restaurant

How They Asked

My honey arrived in the country on Wednesday, April 18, 2018, because I had asked her to accompany me in the graduation of my master’s degree.

My graduation was the day after his arrival, so he took the opportunity and said that after the ceremony we would go to dinner at a restaurant that I had asked for a long time (A great restaurant, especially because it is in the sea and I love the sea.).

I can not deny that I was suspecting something, because when we arrived at the place, it was as if they were waiting for us, and I began to look around (looking for screens or monitors, because I had in my mind, that he would put a video of us or something like that because months, before I had seen some videos that he was doing,), but then I was relax because I did not see any screen nearby.

After dinner he said to my parents and my sister to say a few words for me, and when it was his turn he started thanking me and he said good things about my person me, one of the most important things I heard that night was how I helped every day so that he a better person and could overcome the obstacles of life and so he get one of his dreams, be back together.

Suddenly when I thought he had finished talking I see that he takes out a little black box and kneels down and said with words magical…Do you want to be my wife? Honestly, the nerves attacked me with laughter and I just was asking, this is serious?!

It was a spectacular moment for me because the people I love most in this world were in one place.

Nothing more than Our real love, which once again would become our beautiful reality and we would finally live again that magical world that we had enjoyed years before. Our sweet, unconditional and eternal love. And I say YES!