Elissa and Jeff

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Although Jeff and I didn’t start dating until 2006 (when I was 21), I actually met Jeff 3 years before when I was 18……Jeff is my brother-in-law’s friend and fraternity brother.

During one of my trips to NYC to visit my older sister, I had a chance to hang out with her boyfriend (now husband) and their friends — one of those friends was Jeff. We caught each other’s eye and flirted one night…but (as a young 18-year-old girl about to start college in September and Jeff 7 years my senior) flirting was all that there was for us at that time. About 2 years later however, I saw Jeff once again at my sister’s wedding. Jeff was single, but I attended the wedding with my then long-term boyfriend. We caught each other’s eye once again, but for very obvious reasons, there was nothing more.

Fast forward a year later to a newly single girl, and I decided to once again go visit my sister in NYC. When I got to the Big Apple, Jeff immediately popped into my head and I thought about that spark we always seemed to have, so I curiously asked my sister about him.

Knowing that Jeff would be at a party with my brother-in-law and their other friends, my sister took me to hang out and meet up with him. As soon as I walked in, Jeff and I locked eyes and immediately were drawn to each other….And the rest, I guess they say, is history. Now together almost 5 years, Jeff and I are getting married in June. And now Jeff’s fraternity brother will actually become his BROTHER-IN-LAW!

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how they asked: Jeff proposed to me in Central Park in NYC. One of our favorite activities to do in NY is to have picnics in the Park. A year before our engagement, while celebrating our anniversary with a picnic in the park, Jeff gave me a gold ring. He told me that this ring would hold the “place” on my ring finger until we got engaged. He used the ring to symbolize his promise to me that we would soon have a future together as husband and wife….

A year later, while once again enjoying a picnic in Central Park, Jeff fulfilled his previous-year’s promise by proposing to me with an engagement ring.

Kristin is a friend and colleague of mine and, because I LOVE her photography style so much, I always joked and dropped hints that I would want her as my wedding photographer AND would want her there the day Jeff and I got engaged. Well, Jeff remembered those hints! Kristin and Stephen hid out ‘ninja-style’ behind trees in the park waiting for the moment Jeff proposed. I had no idea they were there at all! Ironically, just as he got down on one knee to propose, the drizzles that were dropping turned into a full-fledge DOWN POUR! But with being so caught up in the moment, Jeff and I didn’t even notice. The downpour not only made a wonderful moment but also created a picture-perfect engagement scene!

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Photos by Kristin of PhotoMuse.