Elissa and David

How We Met: I met David through my brother. He is actually my brother’s best friend since they were in high school. Oddly enough David and I didn’t actually get to know each other until years later when my brother and him played in a band together. Things clicked out of no where and before we knew it we were just hanging out with each other instead of with the rest of the band and friends.

Image 4 of Elissa and David

how they asked: Before you hear how they asked, you should know that David is a HUGE Rocky fan. He’s seen them all more times than we can count. One of the hundreds of times we were watching Rocky II (I actually really like the Rocky movies myself, so this was not torture), during the scene where Rocky proposes to Adrian in the Zoo in front of the tiger cage while it is snowing, David said, “What would you do if that’s how I asked you to marry me?”.

Here, Dave was referring to Rocky mumbling, “I was wonderin, if you wouldn’t mind marryin me so much”. I said, “You better not!” We laughed and joked for a while about it and finally I told David the only way he was allowed to propose to me in such a mumbly manner, was if it was actually done at the Zoo and he had to make it snow!!! (We live if Far West Texas smack in the middle of the desert, we’re lucky if it even rains!)

On my 29th Birthday I came home from work and there was a huge box sitting on our make shift coffee table, wrapped in princess wrapping paper.

Image 1 of Elissa and David

At the time I was working at a restaurant, so I needed out of my uniform and into something comfy, sweats! He was already in comfy clothes with a big grin on his face. I unwrapped the large box and opened it only to find another box inside…typical. As I lifted that box out, white styrofoam popcorn balls fell with it.

Image 2 of Elissa and David

Naturally there was another box within that one with more little popcorn styrofoam, and another. He laughed at me and I attempted to shoot a glare at him for teasing me, but just laughed with him.

Finally the last little box had no top and was filled with styrofoam and had black stripes all the way around it.

Among the white fluff was a little beanie-bear type Tiger staring up at me with some ribbon wrapped around it. I unraveled the cute little tiger and notice writing on the ribbon, it said (I read it out loud) “I was wonderin if you wouldn’t mind marryin me so much?” -Rocky Balboa.

Image 3 of Elissa and David

I looked over to my left and Dave was on one knee with the ring pulled out and asked me to marry him!

We’ve set to marry next year in October!