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How We Met

Brandon and I actually went to high school together but never met (we had a big school). I had a bunch of people over to my house junior year and he was actually there since he was a ‘friend of a friend’ but we didn’t talk.

Fast forward about 6 years later to September 24, 2016. We had both gone to different colleges, me to Vanderbilt and him to University of TN. I had been in Atlanta for my job and he had been in Las Vegas for his job. I recently moved back to Tennessee and he was visiting for the big UT football game of the year. My best friend, who knew Brandon, was trying to get me to come to a tailgate with him there so I went. We spent the day together and that night we went downtown and he taught me to two-step in a place called Market Square in downtown Knoxville. After that, he went back to Las Vegas and I stayed in Knoxville. A month later he invited me as his date to a wedding in Colorado. We made a trip out of it and explored the mountains and lakes in together. I was already infatuated with how fun and adventurous he was. He planned so many surprises for me, I couldn’t believe a guy that I had just met was creatively making the week so special for a girl he barely knew. At one point he made me think we trespassed into a gated resort only to realize that he had actually booked us to stay there that day/night.

After that week together, we did long distance and made trips to see each other. Finally, in May 2017, me and my two dogs took a flight to Las Vegas to stay for good. My job was virtual, so I didn’t think twice about doing it. It’s been the best two years of my life, we’ve become a little dog family and have traveled to the coolest places together. From Zion to Puerto Rico, we’ve made so many memories. We love to go camping/hiking, eat bottomless sushi, ride dirtbikes, play basketball, see movies, cuddle with the dogs, make dinners together, go on trips, and work on our endless list of inside jokes. He is my best friend and I feel like I’ve known him my entire life.

Where to Propose in Mammoth Lakes, California

Elissa and Brandon's Engagement in Mammoth Lakes, California

how they asked

A few months ago Brandon had bought us tickets to go to Glacier National Park in Montana. I didn’t think anything of it because he always planned trips, so I was just excited to go to a new place. The week of, wildfires broke out all over Montana. The day of our flight we decide to pull an audible and Brandon planned a brand new trip to Mammoth Lakes, California and about 30 minutes later we start driving there.

The first morning, we went horseback riding to a pretty waterfall, then we went to eat at this little diner. Brandon didn’t know where he was going to do the proposal because our Montana plans got thwarted so he was basically planning activities on the go. As we are eating ice cream at this diner he asks our server where the good hikes are nearby and she points us towards a nearby spot called Sotcher Lake. We hike around this beautiful lake, laid out by it for a little while, then headed back. We had to cross over a steep little mountain to circle all the way back and when we got to the highest part he had a wanted good place to set up a hammock so we strapped the hammock between these trees at the very top. Then the sun started setting a few minutes later so he says “let’s take a pic since we can see the whole lake up here.” There were zero people on this entire lake, we were all alone, which made it super cool. It was getting cold and my jeans were wet since we had walked through a few creeks to get there so I had a blanket wrapped around me. He set the self timer and ran up to take a pic with me and when he got there I was like, “wait the self timer isn’t clicking,” thinking that he forgot to set it and when I turn around to say it, he gets down on one knee. I cried like a baby – it was so special and surprised me in the best way. We try to take scenic pics whenever we visit a new place so I was truly not expecting it in that moment. The funny part was that I had been carrying around the camera bag all day with of ring inside of it, unknowingly. You can see in some of the last pics he took right before proposing that he has the ring box in his sock. He has always been incredible at planning surprises for me but this was by far my favorite one yet.

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