Elise and Trint

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How We Met

Trint and I met 6 years ago. My mom and step-mom bought a lakehouse that just happened to be next to the lakehouse his family owned. He and his dad walked over to introduce themselves, both of them decked out in Texas Longhorn gear, so needless to say my first impression wasn’t great. Regardless of our differences in college sports teams, he was pretty cool and had that cute “boy next door” thing going for him. But I was a freshman in college, so obviously I was wayyy too cool to have a boyfriend at that time, especially a long distance one, so we settled for friendship. Over the next 5 years, we spent countless days and nights at the lake with our families. Joint dinners, football watch parties and Christmases became cherished traditions. I watched him commission to the Naval Academy and he watched me graduate from Baylor, we saw each other through a lot, but still remained just friends.

Finally, at Christmas of 2016, it all changed. We’d hung out like normal at our annual “Lake Christmas” celebration while we were home for the holidays, but this time, we continued to talk after the festivities had ended. Wishing each other a “Happy New Year” quickly turned into near constant texting, phone calls, snapchats and Facetime dates. I was dumbfounded, I mean, I had known this kid for 5 years, he was one of my best friends, but this was a whole new level. I finally got the chance to visit him in D.C for St. Patrick’s Day, when we both had breaks in our schedules, and from the moment he hugged me in the airport, everything clicked. Every single puzzle piece fell into place. He was my home and I was his. How had we missed out on this for FIVE years?!? Neither of us really knew. I remember texting my best friend on my flight back to Austin that I was 110% sure I was going to marry this kid.

how they asked

Fast forward 9 months. We were both home for Christmas, planning to spend it at the lake (as per usual) with our families. Now, don’t get me wrong, I knew an engagement was coming, but thanks to some very creative lying from pretty much everyone in my life, I had been convinced that it was NOT happening this weekend. On Saturday, my mom needed to run some errands in Little Rock and asked me to go with her, she said we could make a day of it and meet everyone else up at the lake later, I didn’t think anything of it. We went and got pedicures, did some shopping, ate some tacos, life was good. When we got home, she suggested I change clothes because we were going to take some “family pictures” at the lake, which I thought was weird because we had just taken some over Thanksgiving, but whatever. I changed, we loaded up the dogs, stopped at the liquor store (where she bought champagne – really should’ve caught on by this point), and headed to the lake.

I got even more suspicious because as we pulled up, she said everyone else was already down at the lake for pictures. Hold up, what? We’d never taken pictures down by the lake before, always in the woods. We have a huge hill in our backyard that leads down to the lake front, and as soon as I hit the top of it, I knew. As I walked down, I could see Trint (and all of his little helpers) had arranged paper lanterns on either side of the path, and they ended in a circle by the water, with him in the middle. Our families, and both of my best friends (who had successfully convinced me they were busy and couldn’t make it) were hidden near the woods with their cameras.

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As I got to Trint, he grabbed my hands and told me that he had wanted to ask me this question since he picked me up in the airport in March, then he got down on one knee, pulled out the ring, and asked me to marry him. I practically tackled him and said yes before he could even get the ring on my finger. When I calmed down and actually looked at it, that’s when the happy tears started.

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***A little bit of backstory on the ring, one of my longtime best friends Andrew has a mom who’s a gemologist, and I’ve talked about wanting her to make my ring since we were babies in High School. Little did I know, Trint had been working with Lori for months on designing and creating my absolute dream ring. And now I finally have it, my perfect, incredible, custom made ring***

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It could not have been more perfect, in the place where we met 6 years ago, I agreed to become his wife. I ran and hugged my best friend and both of our families, and it officially set in that I was getting to marry my other half. Cue the champagne.

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