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How We Met

Michael and I lived in Seattle for three years while we were attending school. Surprisingly enough, that is not where I met Michael. I attended a church called City Church (now known as Churchome) which is where I met his two college roommates. Michael primarily attended his dad’s church but when he did go to City Church, we just happened to miss each other. We look back now and see how many times we almost met, but it’s true when they say timing is everything because it wasn’t quite time for us to be together yet. Before I moved back home and left Seattle behind, I saw Michael on one of his roommate’s Instagram post. I had told his roommate, “Where have you been hiding this cute roommate of yours?” Michael caught wind of my interest and followed me on Instagram. However, I moved home just a month or two later and we never got the chance to meet. One day in April of 2015, I got a Facetime call from his roommate asking for girl advice. It was during that call when he said, “Hey, Michael is here, don’t you wanna say hi?” I didn’t really have a choice. Michael proceeded to get my number during that call and we texted for about a month. Again, not the right timing and we stopped talking due to the distance.

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Fast forward to October 2016, Michael flew to L.A. to visit his older sister and I had been living in the area for over a year attending grad school. He posted a snapchat at LAX, saying “What’s up LA?!” Not trying to be too forward by asking him to hang out, I simply replied to the story saying, “Oh hey!” He said, “Oh hey, I totally forgot you lived here!” (Come to find out later, he posted the story on purpose to see if I would respond.) He planned for us to go to Dave & Buster’s on Monday, October 24, 2016. He invited his two sisters and brother-in-law to join us but not knowing of my relationship status he told them to hang back until he felt out the situation. After a few moments at Dave and Busters, it was obvious it was more than a hangout. Michael’s brother-in-law came around the corner and in a panic Michael said, “Oh hey, it’s my brother-in-law, the family must have decided it was a good idea to come here too!” to cover up him inviting them. Turns out, as siblings do, they spied on us throughout the date.

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Michael and I were very honest with each other that evening. We spoke about God, life, family, and dreams. He absolutely took me by surprise with his wisdom, faith, and his incredible heart in just one night. At the end of the date, I was already falling and through a smile, I asked, “What am I going to do about you?” The next day, he was in the car with his sister when she asked, “How was your date last night?” He replied, “If I lived here, I would marry that girl.” He flew back to Washington not sure of what to do or how to go about long-distance, but feeling like it was finally our time. We decided to see what could happen and quickly fell in love with one another. Though 1000+ miles apart, our hearts were inseparable. We made two trips a month to see each other and 5 months later, Michael made the move to California. Just over a year after our first date, Michael asked me a question that I have had an answer to from the beginning. Here’s to forever with you, my dream come true.

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I woke up on Sunday, November 18th, my birthday weekend, to find a happy birthday note on the mirror with a beautiful new Michael Kors dress that Michael picked out alongside his outfit for the day (we matched, as always). I enjoyed my breakfast he had prepared for me as I got ready for the day. He had told me that the plan was to go down to San Diego, meet up with my little sister, get a manicure, and go out to dinner in the evening. He had told me that he had to work in San Diego during the day so he would meet up with us when he was finished. Little did I know, he was busy preparing everything with some very special people. When he was “done working” around 2:30 pm, he told me that we had an appointment to go look at a beach house for a wedding venue; we had been checking out prospective places the past couple of months. As we arrived, he told me that were going to enter the house by way of the beach.

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The house is set up with a private sand area in the front of the house, a rock wall for when the tides get high and the beach and ocean below. The tide was low and I proceeded to take off my shoes prior to going down the rocks as he took my coffee to set it down on the pathway. We left my peppermint mocha behind and while I was a little confused at this, I went with it. I noticed a little table with a beautiful bouquet he picked out with my favorite colors and adorable pink balloons. He brought me up the steps from the beach to the sand area. As we faced each other at the edge of the sand, my family and his family came rushing out from the second floor of the house up on the balcony. At this point, I am crying and thinking to myself, “Ah! It’s a surprise birthday party and everyone is here!” Then, he looked at me with the most loving look in his eyes. I finally caught on. He shared his heart with me and got down on one knee with my dream ring in hand and asked through the biggest smile, “Will you marry me?” And through tears of joy, I said “Yes!”

Everyone came rushing down; we hugged our beautiful families, took a million pictures, drank our favorite wine + champagne, ate delicious food + dessert, sat by the campfire and celebrated our blessings. Michael rented out the entire three story beach house for the weekend for everyone to enjoy and our families helped to make it the best weekend. I never asked Michael to have our dear families there when he proposed because of so much travel and expenses, but I always thought that would be so perfect. Like he usually does, he read my mind, and got everyone there to celebrate our very special memory. They had known for quite some time and they all came up with so many fake stories to keep me from finding out anything. We cried & we laughed, we prayed & praised God, we sang John Legend at the top of our lungs, we watched the sunset & listened the sound of ocean, we enjoyed each other’s presence & shared in each other’s love. And on Sunday, November 19th, 2017, the morning of my 26th birthday, I woke up to the sound of waves and the sparkle of a diamond on my left hand, engaged to the man of my dreams. They say when you know, you know. And that couldn’t be any truer with us. We knew from the start and everything fell perfectly into place. He is my best friend and my soulmate. I thank God every day that He brought me you, Michael. Till the end of all time, I will stay with you. I love you to the moon and back x infinity.

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