Elise and Matt

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How We Met

Elise was looking for a college ministry to get plugged into. As soon as Matt saw the post she made on the ministry page he managed that this pretty girl was looking for some friends, he quickly jumped at the opportunity. Immediately, he reached out and invited her over to his place, where a group of people were getting together for an acoustic worship night and she agreed to stop by. As she walked in the front door, he was smitten and has been so ever since.

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how they asked

Matt & Elise knew that they wanted to get married shortly after they began dating, but wanted to wait until after she finished her degree in Savannah. As they became a long-distance couple, due to Matt’s job, they had to get much more creative and intentional with every aspect of their relationship. This gave Matt plenty of room to plan an excellent proposal for Elise.

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On May fifth, after much in-depth planning and prayer, the couple’s families came down to Savannah (without Elise’s knowledge) to give her the biggest surprise of her life. The whole day of the fifth had been planned out for months. Elise’s sisters were slated to take her out and get their nails done as a sister-date and a celebration of her twenty-first birthday! Everything from breakfast to dinner was arranged without Elise’s knowledge. Thank God her sisters are good at keeping secrets. Matt had reserved The Collin’s Quarter as the venue: a beautiful restaurant and coffee bistro in historic Savannah where they had their first date. In a private dining room, the families eagerly awaited the arrival of Elise and her sisters. At one point though, the manager almost had Matt propose to the wrong girl by accident – thankfully that disaster was dodged!

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The wait was over soon enough, as the Bennett sisters arrived at the restaurant. As the host went to “bring them to their table”, Matt walked from out from behind the curtain hiding the reserved dining room and came up the stairs with a tornado of excitement in his chest. As soon as Elise saw him, the puzzle pieces finally connected. She was surprised and suspicious that something may have been happening, but was more overwhelmed with joy than anything else! Matt got down on one knee and asked if she would allow him the pleasure of falling in love with her more every day as her husband. Thankfully she said, “yes”!

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After they came together and celebrated for a brief moment, Elise looked over Matt’s shoulder to see their families all present – with joyful and tear-filled eyes – waiting to congratulate them.

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