Elise and Maraj

How We Met

We met in junior year of college as floormates in a campus dorm. He was the fun outgoing guy who knew everyone on the hall. In the fall, he tried to recruit me for his intramural soccer team, which was always short on girls. I am awful at soccer, but I happily joined the team with him as captain!

Winter break that year felt longer than other winter breaks! One night at the start of the spring semester, we confessed to each other about our feelings — and that is how we started our crazy journey together.

how they asked

In early December 2017, he told me he won tickets to a show: The Nutcracker. His employer sponsors local shows, and he occasionally wins tickets that we could never afford otherwise. I picked out my mint laser-cut dress to wear to work that day, so we could go straight to the show after work.

At 5pm he texted me that he had forgotten the tickets at the apartment! With the gridlock, we were never going to make it in time for our show. He kept checking his phone, and I was nervous we’d miss the start of the show! But as we arrived home, he held me back. “I have a surprise,” he told me.

I opened the front door, and my mouth fell open: the entry floor was blanketed in petals. I took a few steps in, and the view of the living room opened up. “Everyone’s here!” I squealed.

Proposal Ideas at our apartment

Elise and Maraj's Engagement in at our apartment

As tealight candles glowed on the floor, making a heart shape surrounded by rose petals, our friends and family cheered and snapped photographs. They had all driven 3+ hours to be there. A banner read, “Will You Marry Me?” Balloons floated on the ceiling. Moments later, he was on his knee and popped the question. “Of course,” I said. Is it always that girls forget to say the one easiest word? “Say yes!” “Yes – yes.”

The Nutcracker turned out to just be a ruse to get me to dress up. He hadn’t been nervous we would be late for our show – he was nervous that the tealight candles’ flames would die out before I got there!

The party was a dream. With Middle Eastern food in memory of our first date and great conversation, we stayed up late into the night playing Uno, reminding us that even 23-year-olds don’t sleep much at sleepovers!