Elise and Kyle

how we met

Kyle and I met playing flag football in undergrad. Some mutual friends convinced him to join the team/organization that I had already been a part of for a couple years. To be honest, my first impression of him was an over-confident jock. It took a while for me to even consider him as a friend but I’m so glad I did because my first impression could not have been more wrong!

how they asked

Kyle and I were planning a trip for my birthday and picked Washington, D.C. to spend the weekend. The first day of our trip, we wanted to take photos at the National Cathedral for this year’s holiday cards. I tried to be somewhat presentable compared to my usual yoga pants and t-shirt (lol). We toured & admired the beauty of it all until my cousin mentioned making it outside for photos at The Bishop’s Garden before sunset. We took pictures and made our way near the bottom of the path where Kyle took my hands and proposed!! I was SO surprised that I didn’t even believe him at first. He spent a good while trying to convince me that I wasn’t being pranked (sorry Kyle!! Lol). I’m an emotional person so when he got down on one knee, I was obviously a wreck and so was he. Moments later, a lady with a camera approached us…. Turns out Kyle hired a photographer to capture the entire thing as well as an hour of the absolute bliss that followed!! The whole hour with our photographer was AMAZING. It was so fun learning who all was involved and the details and planning that went into it. He had only told our parents and my cousin, Madeleine, prior to. We’re from Houston so shout out to Madeleine for working with Kyle all week to make it all happen! The proposal could not have been more perfect!

Special Thanks

Washington National Cathedral
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