Elise and Gregory

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How We Met

It all started 9 years ago. Greg had previously attended a concert at my church but we didn’t meet there. I was being nosey lol. I saw a picture of Greg on a mutual friend’s page. I must admit, it was his handsome face that captured my attention first. Secondly after sending him a friend request, I then realized his passion and love for God. A passion we both shared. After him accepting my friend request, he later inboxed me. Which he will deny still till this day (but I have proof). We literally talked everyday via text/email. We lost contact for a period of time.

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how they asked

Fast forward, January of 2016 we reconnected. Went on a date and it was all she wrote. We literally picked up where we left off. After leaving the him that night, I remember calling my best friend and telling her “I like him so much”. It was my best friend who helped make the proposal successful. Months of scheming and plotting between them two. The week prior I was told I was going to a birthday dinner for my best friend’s co-worker. There were a few times where I got suspicious because they were not in sync with trying to confuse me. Lol. The day of, my best took me to get my nails and toes done. I later found out it was my fiancé who paid for everything through her. He also brought me a new outfit.

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I should’ve known something was up. Anywho, I got dressed and ready at my best friend’s house. On the way to the restaurant, she had her co-worker call while we were in the car to ask where she was. This helped convince me we were going to a bday dinner for sure. When pulled up to the restaurant I didn’t suspect anything. However when we got in, I saw two of my relatives and got a little suspicious. When I got further into the restaurant, I saw my entire family but I didn’t see Greg. When I turned around he was on one knee behind me. Of course I said yes.

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I’m marrying the man of my dreams!!!!

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